Coffee Business Plan

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• Company Profile
• Theme Coffee
• Coffee In India
• Why Bangalore
• Description – “Coffee Buzz” A mega coffee fest • Marketing Plan
• Human Resource Plan
• Finance Plan
Company profile

Event Etc is an event management company owned by two partners Nikhil. Sardesai & Prashant Vastrad of Bangalore. The office is located in heart of the city on Mahatma Gandhi road.

Event Etc as the name suggest is an event management company, with dynamic human capital. After the successful show of bringing real Madrid in India last year, now the latest challenge is to celebrate a city with coffee festival organized by Indian coffee industry association. Event Etc will be conducting this festival in Bangalore to start with. And then carried to other parts if successful.

Theme Café:

The café culture that is spreading across the cities in the country is pushing up the domestic coffee consumption. This coffee culture has been spawned and takes forward by several coffee chains. Such as CCD, TATA Mr. Bean Coffee Junction (TATA Coffee), Barista, Coffee World, Costa Coffee and Quickys which are slowly but surely opening up to garner market share. These players are gearing up to face competition from global coffee majors such as Starbucks and others who are planning g to enter Indian Market as soon as they get permission for FDI in retailing.

Coffee consumed in these cafes mainly includes latte, mocho, Cappuccino, Espresso, Friazzo and even Perennial Old Favorite, filter coffee. Over and above actually consuming coffee, consumers have begun to seek an experience and place a premium on brand and quality of service. The coffee association of India (CAI) has come forward to enhance the booming coffee market. CAI has planned to come up with a concept of having a coffee fest in Bangalore City. As cafes are hangouts for the youth theses are not just places where people come to consume coffee. Their also life style statements which many Bangaloreans want to endorse. So E2 (Event Etc) will be offering an occasion for Bangaloreans to come together and provide an ambience and jam packed entertainment for four scheduled days. We in event etc have designed the event in such a way that it has something to offer to all age groups. Be it play station where in kids may enjoy there own stuff be it Discotheques, live performances where the happening youth of Bangalore can zoom in or be it sports lounge, contests, shows which would provide entertainment to all segments of the society.


The story is longed at Mocha in Yemen from 13th century, when Sufi saints gathered for night prayers and as broth being passed was coffee.

As legend describes Reeb traders bought the first coffee beans into Yemen, from Ethiopia for the Sufi saints, desperately in search for something to key the devote Chvahe, the dark colored bean was heaven-sent. It calmed nerves, drove away sleep and replenished much needed energy. The habit of coffee drinking then traveled down from the Arab Clergy to the masses, which called the drink “Eluahwa” literally meaning the drink which prevents sleep.

Legend spells out that back in 17th century Baba Budan, a pilgrim in traveling to holy places of Islam, brought coffee seeds from Yemen. These seeds were planted in the hills of Chandargiri, situated in today’s Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.

Soon full fledged coffee plants covered distances to the Karnataka. Soon coffee beans were included in list of traders to do business.

Parry and company which operated out of the erstwhile Madras state, realized the commercial potential of coffee and the soon the business spread from Arabia to Asia Minor to Europe in span of a few countries.

India accounts a 45% of share of the world coffee production and the industry provides employment to 6 Lakh people. Among the coffee growing states Karnataka accounts for...
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