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Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company |
Conducting Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis

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Description of Business ---------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Industry Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Products/Services Offered -------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Situation Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 SWOT Analysis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Environmental Scan & Analysis Summary Chart ----------------------------------------------7 Driving Forces --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Recommendations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 References -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

Description of the Business

Coffee Shops are establishments where people go and enjoy a cup of coffee. Most shops have wide range of options for the consumers, starting with plain coffee and moving through wide selection of specialty coffee. Locally owned coffee shops typically have control over their offerings. They have the options to expand offerings such as various types of tea, designer sodas and even freshly prepared foods such as salads and sandwiches.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is a business entity situated at Detroit, Michigan. It is a roasting company that was based in Bloomfield Hills. It is also a prominent shop at 3965 Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Among it coffee bars are located at Midtown, Bloomfield and Lake Orion.

The business is owned by Greg Miracle and started in 1994 as an espresso machine-importing business with his wife. By 1999, Greg and his wife decided to roast coffee beans by themselves which eventually leads Miracle to open his own retail coffee shops at Midtown and Bloomfield.

Industry Description

Coffee Shops industry includes selling coffee drinks and other food and beverages for both consumption within the premises or for takeout. In the U.S., the coffee shop industry includes 20,000 stores with annual revenue of about $11 billion in total. Among the major companies in the industry are Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Caribou and Diedrich (Gloria Jean’s). The entire industry is highly concentrated at top and fragmented in the bottom with the top 50 companies have the 70 percent of industry sales. Since coffee is one the world’s largest commodities and among the top green coffee producing countries are Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam. The U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of coffee and also the largest importer of green coffee.

Among the major products sold in the coffee shops are beverages and complimentary food items. Brewed coffee and tea; espresso drinks (cappuccinos, café lattes); cold blended beverages; bottled water; soft drinks; and juices are included to beverages. Among the food products are bakery items, pastries, desserts, sandwiches and candy. Coffee shops also sell whole or ground coffee beans for home consumption. Coffee or espresso-making equipments, grinders, mugs and other accessories are also sold in some coffee shops.

Products and/or Services Offered
Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company offers the following coffee on its store: * Motor City Blend
* Corktown Blend
* Bailout Blend
* Detroit French Roast
* Hydro Espresso
* Dark Horse Espresso
* Triple Threat
* Zen
* Mackinac Island Blend
* House Blend (Decaffeinated)
* Burundi: Gatare
* Ethiopia: Sidamo
* Sulawesi Tana Toraja
* Hario Coffee Dripper...
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