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Events Management

Group members:
Gelyn Gudes
Charmaine dela Peña
Mara Joanne Angeles
Rodilyn Bengado Bahan
Golda May Descargar
Jelie Ruth Villahermosa
Daphne Ofilas
Aloha Grace Supatan
Jerome Carabeo
Clejever Cabreros


Submitted by:
Mrs. Berodita Prestoza

Aims & Scope
Event Management, an International Journal, intends to meet the research and analytic needs of a rapidly growing profession focused on events. This field has developed in size and impact globally to become a major business with numerous dedicated facilities, and a large-scale generator of tourism. The field encompasses meetings, conventions, festivals, expositions, sport and other special events. Event management is also of considerable importance to government agencies and not-for-profit organizations in a pursuit of a variety of goals, including fund-raising, the fostering of causes, and community development.

Event Management aims to be the leading source of research reports and analysis related to all forms of event management. This journal publishes refereed and invited articles, book reviews, and documentation of news and trends. It also invites opinion pieces, profiles of organizations, and management case studies.

Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to help them communicate with clients and potential clients. They might target their audience by using the news media, hoping to generate media coverage which will reach thousands or millions of people. They can also invite their audience to their events and reach them at the actual event Special events

* This is a phenomenon arising frm those non-routine occasions which have leisure, cultural, personal or organizational objectives set apart from the normal activity of daily life, whose purpose is to enlighten, celebrate, entertain or challenge the experience of a group of people. * Special events management is the profession that plans and controls public assemblies gathered for the reasons of celebration, entertainment, and education (among other purposes). Activities integral to the process include those related to event research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation. Importance of Special events

* Special events play an important role in any capital campaign, because they target an external market; they bring people from outside the organization into contact with their cause. * These are an essential vehicle for getting a message to a sizable number of people. * It also marks the phases of a campaign.

* Conducting large gatherings make the company known and recognized. Advantages of Special events
* It provides oppurtunity to be more visible to the organization’s target market. * It gives opprtunity to change the public perception of an organization. * It creates a strong public image.

* It enhance the camaraderie among volunteers and staff which led to practicing their unifying effort. * It increase the chance of raising funds which is part of the goal of the company. Disadvantages of Special events

* It is risky.
* It is labor intensive.
* It can be more expensive than expected.

Events can be classified into four broad categories based on their purpose and objective: * Leisure events e.g. leisure sport, music, recreation.
* Cultural events e.g. ceremonial, religious, art, heritage, and folklore. * Personal events e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. *  Organizational events e.g. commercial, political, charitable, sales, product launch, expo. Leisure events

Leisure events are all about the idea of having fun to the fullest and try to incorporate the events accordingly to the customer's preferences. Leisure events includes music shows, live concerts, dance shows, star nights, mimicry...
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