Starbucks Project

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Appendix 1:

Business Case

|Introduction: | |Starbucks is a multinational coffeehouse chain based in USA, with thousands of stores across 40 countries. Howard Schultz, who led the | |purchase of Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee in 1987 for $250,000, later boasted, “Starbucks is going to be a global brand, in the same | |genre as Coke and Disney.” By 2003, Starbucks has grown from 15 stores and 100 employees in 1987 to more than 65,000 employees serving | |more than 22 million customers worldwide each week. It is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, | |earning more than $3.3 billion in revenues from 6,200 retail locations in 30 countries. As per Starbucks going global strategy it is | |expanding its outlays and coffee shops across the globe and especially in growing economy like China and India. | |Aims & Objectives of Project: | |Aims: To Open Starbucks Coffee shop in Ahmedabad (India). | |Objectives: | |Introduce the most popular coffee shop of the world in most exclusive area of city and it is Satellite. | |Create aesthetically upgraded cafeteria with pleasant and modern environment within 2months of duration. | |To form Marketing & Service teams so that the every aspect of project is been touched. | |Selections of appropriate medium for publicity are chosen like print media and electronic media, leaflets and hoardings. | |Free samples will be distributed initially to give the touch of taste the products. | |Provide global experience and standards to the customer. | |Giving good return on investment to investors and try to achieve all expects of stakeholders. | | | |3.Current Situation & Opportunity Statement: | |Ahmedabad is declared as one of the mega city officially of government of India in 2005 and since then so many popular fast food and | |beverages outlay have opened and running successfully for ex. Costa, Café Coffee Day, Macdonald, Burger king, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Taz | |Restaurants and so on. Ahmedabad is very well known for its fast food and junky life style in India. People spend their large amount of | |money for drinks, weekend launch and dinner. So there is clear opportunity for business. There are problem like Indians love Tea more | |than Coffee and so almost same situation is there is Ahmedabad and the roadside, outside of colleges and offices Tea stoles have been | |replaced by hip coffee joints like Barista and Cafés© Coffee Day. According to Technopak Advisors, a global retail consultancy firm, the | |organized coffee retail business in India is over Rs.8 billion ($17 million), and the potential for coffee retail outlets are nearly | |3,000. | |Source: www. | |In the presence of Costa and Cafes coffee...
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