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Human Resource Management helps us to learn to be an effective HR manager. Here to study HRM development process Coca-Cola Company is being selected. Coca-Cola is a big & very popular company doing its business in soft drink arena for more than 100 years. Coca-cola has been practicing HRM activities since they started. The HRM department of coca-cola makes them moving globally as the world’s leading beverage company in the world.

1.a Three key HRM activities of Coca-Cola
HR acts as a tactical associate for coca-cola in a various means. For instance, it allows them to meet up company’s aims and objectives by making sure ‘right people in right places’ ( It was not easy for the company to operate globally and successfully. But the dedicated HR department made the tough job easier for them. It is all about the creative manpower & their performances driving the company on their way to success. The key human resource activities of Coca-Cola are given below:
Job analysis and designing:
Job analysis is the process of selecting the tasks & skills needed for a job and the sort of person who will be appointing for it. Job analysis includes two criteria including job description and job specification. The HR department of coca cola identifies both of this analysis where they can get the information regarding worker’s performances, behaviour, working standard etc. Then the HR department uses these informational data to recruit, to select, to train people and developing relationship between them. ( Health and safety policy: As health and safety is a big issue in terms of any organisation, coca-cola also follows the policy very firmly under continuous observation of HR department. Coca-cola is committed to make sure the highest level of safety for their workers. The HR department is continuously working hard for improving the safety standards. (

Performance appraisal: This is another HRM practice of Coca-Cola. The Company proclaims the appraisal for performance in annual basis. Their performance appraisal policy includes three actions: * Defining the job

* Performance appraisal
* Providing feedback
HR managers of Coca-cola are responsible for these actions. They define the specific task for particular set of people and declare appraisal upon their performance. They also practice the feedback system. (

1.b Justification of how HRM activities were achieved
The HR department of coca-cola has achieved all of their HRM activities and the objectives are fulfilled. The hard job was done by the HRM experts of the company with a continuous process and practice. How these activities were achieved is:

Job analysis and designing: As it is mentioned earlier that job analysis consists of two effects: * Job description: Defining job description is important for any organisation. HRM department of Coca-Cola always spells out particular job description and strict of following that. Job description indicates file of targeted works, related responsibilities of jobs, time phase etc. Coca-cola pursues job description and aims to achieve the goal within the time forecasted previously. ( * Job specification: Job specification does the important task to make the list of the people responsible for particular jobs. It gives an idea about the requisites education, understanding abilities, skills etc. along the individual’s knowledge about coca-cola and its merchandising. ( HR management Department of coca-cola follows both of this job description and job specification activities to collect information about jobs, individual’s actions, relationship with colleagues etc. The company is also using this same information to discover the other important tasks like stuff recruiting, appraisal of performance etc. (

Health and safety management: HR department of coca cola always...
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