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Job analysis
Job analysis focuses on what job holders are expected to do. It provides the root for a job description, which in turn influences decisions taken on recruitment, training, performance appraisal and reward systems. Three different methods used for collecting data are:

1) Interview (Mr Harry Retail manager , Myers) 0430301757

1) Tell me something about your job?| My job includes what I want and it includes managing all the duties related with retailing of products and keep checking on staff so that they have to follow code of conduct. | 2) What are the main responsibilities during working hours?| Main responsibilities during work hours are to keep customers happy and solving their complaints at any costs other than this duties like Managing staff, Doing rosters, Boosting up moral level of employees, Handling sales and purchases for the store are some of my major duties.| 3) What are the main problems during work?| Problems like solving customer queries and marinating stock for each brand are the problems during working hours because if size is not available sometime in fresh stock and customers sometime got upset and we may have danger of loosing customer.| 4) How do you manage staff for different duties?| Managing staff is not a big deal as most of them know their duties and sometime problem arises when salesperson for particular brand is on leave and we have to put other salesperson over that corner which may not be familiar with all the products of that brand. | 5) How do you manage day to day stock and related items to stock?| Before closing all the staff mark the required products for different brands and before opening on the next day all the products are delivered on their corners which are required for particular brand so by this all the products are available to customers at all times.|

2) Observations

During the observation of work of retail manager in Myers, I noticed following tasks which he is performing on the field: 1) Motivating staff members on the work and try to improve their work. 2) Promoting the store products by different ways of promotion 3) Handling customer complaints

4) Dealing with day to day stock
5) Ensures the procedures are being followed by all the staff members.

3) Questioner

1) What are your (Retail Manager) main duties?

* Managing staff
* Doing rosters
* Boosting up moral level of employees
* Handling sales and purchases for the store

2) How did you handle angry customer or unsatisfied customer?

* By listening to the customers complaints calmly and making most of the decisions in the customers favour so that there must be proper customer satisfaction and customer will be happy from every point.

3) How do you handle with underperforming employee?

* Handling with underperforming employee is not a big deal, just provide some time frame to the employee so that he can improve his performance and also give them key points where they are lacking in so that the can improve as possible as they...
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