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Handbook Date:| 12/2011|

River’s Bend Dude Ranch believes that strategic staffing is the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of our business plans and strategies, or even better, as the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of change. The impact on staffing should be defined, or at least discussed, whenever changes to our business plans are being considered whether them being near-term or longer-term. Strategic staffing should include the following: * Defining the staffing numbers and capabilities of the employees who will be needed at a particular point in the future to implement plans effectively including how the staff should be organized and deployed. * Identifying the staffing resources that are currently available. * Projecting the “supply” of talent that will be available at that point in the future for which requirements have been defined, for example; factoring in the effects of turnovers, retirements, planned movement, etc. * Identifying differences between anticipated demand and forecasted supply. * Developing and implementing staffing plans/actions needed to close talent gaps and eliminate surpluses. Successful strategic staffing process lies not in how these steps are defined but how they are developed and implemented that counts.

We define job analysis as a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for that given job. It’s important to remember that the analysis is conducted of the job, not the person. This will establish and document the job relatedness of employment procedures for us. The job analysis will also be used to determine what training needs we will need for that job, what compensation (skill level, job factors, work environment, responsibilities and level of education) will be needed, if any and used in the selection process (job duties, salary, minimum educational or experience requirements, interview questions, selection tests and orientation materials). We will gather job analysis data by collecting information from incumbents through the use of questionnaires, interviews and observation. The aspects that would be in question would be the following: * Duties and tasks – frequency, duration, effort, skill, complexity, equipment, standards, etc. * Environment – this may have a significant impact on the physical requirements to be able to perform a job. This could include unpleasant conditions such as offensive odors and temperature extremes. There may also be definite risks such as noxious fumes, radioactive substances, hostile and aggressive people or animals and dangerous explosives. * Tools and equipment – some duties and tasks are performed using specific equipment and tools. These may include protective clothing and need to be specified. * Relationships – what supervision is given or received, if any. What relationships there might be with internal or external people. * Requirements – the minimum knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) required to perform the job. After drafting the job duties, responsibilities, equipment, relationships and work environment in a completed form, I would then have a discussion with the supervisor for accuracy. EXAMPLE OF JOB ANALYSIS

See Appendix.
At River’s Bend Dude Ranch, we want and encourage internal promoting. So to accomplish this when possible, we will post the open jobs on a bulletin board outside the main office. If internal promoting is not feasible, then we will put an ad in the local paper, on our website, search the internet for potential employees and if needed, use the hiring service we have used in the past. We will provide the following information in...
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