Chanel Fragrance

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Odor, Perfume Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Chanel Fragrance Ad
My advertisement for the Chanel fragrance from the Chance series called Eau Tendre uses a naked woman with pink flowers wrapped around her body, a huge pink bottle. The ad says, “IT’S YOUR CHANCE. EMBRACE IT.” to persuade women to buy this product because it will make you feel confident and comfortable.

The ad for the Chanel fragrance from the Chance series called Eau Tendre, stands out to many women who enjoy wearing a fine fragrances. This ad also stands out to woman of all ages because it was published in the magazine, Glamour, which is a women’s ad. Many women buy fragrances such as this popular name brand perfume. The ad could also stand out for many men who want to buy a fine fragrance for a spouse or family member on different occasions. The Chanel fragrance Eau Tendre stood out to me in the magazine because it is a beautiful ad with a natural effect to it.

There are many visual devices from this ad that makes it stand out. The huge, round bottle of pink perfume is being embraced by a young, naked, white girl sitting on her knees. This beautiful blonde has pink flowers wrapped around her body. Her hair is pulled back with a pink ribbon on top of her head. The young woman has her eyes closed while on her knees embracing this bottle. The layout is intriguing because of the white background with the gorgeous light pink bottle and flowers. This ad has such a natural beauty to it with only three different colors white, black, and pink.

The Chanel fragrance ad has a few textual devices. However, it has the brand name, Chanel, in black on the middle of the bottle. Above the brand name, is the word Chance in white. Chance is the series of this Chanel fragrance. At the bottom of the bottle states Eau Tendre, which is French. Eau Tendre is the name of the particular fragrance that is being advertised in this ad.The words on the bottom of the ad state, “IT’S YOUR CHANCE. EMBRACE IT.” These words go with the name of the series Chance....
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