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Topics: Female, Gender, Male Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Skyy Vodka and the Battle of the Sexes
            Skyy Vodka has consistently been perhaps the most sexually suggestive advertiser of its genre.  Its ads typically contain a thin, young, and beautiful woman in tight clothing with some sort of sexual power over her enticed male counterpart.  The ads are not shy to appeal to sex and often promote the sexual benefits of drinking Skyy Vodka.  While the advertisement for Skyy Vodka titled “The Antagonist” seen in People magazine’s May 7, 2007 issue adheres to the usual standards of Skyy ads, it has an underlying theme of white, male supremacy and the female threat to that power.             The scene of the ad takes place at night in a sky-rise apartment in some thriving metropolis.  In the apartment, the drapes are for now pushed aside while a woman, perhaps in her 20s, stands straddling a man, with an indefinable age, sitting in a 60s-style chair with only his legs and forearm visible.  The man holds a martini and the woman holds a drink mixer while seductively looking into the hidden face of the mystery man.  The man is wearing a business suit and the woman wears the clichéd “little black dress” paired with studded black heels.  Both the male and female are Caucasian.  In the left foreground is the picture of the product, a Skyy Vodka bottle sitting next to a martini on a table.  The main appeal to sex is made by the body language between the man and the woman, as the man’s legs are in between hers and her posture and leering facial expression scream “seductress.”  Another obvious appeal to sex is the inclusion of the drapes in the upper left-hand corner, implying that they might have to be drawn a bit later.  The man’s hidden face is a significant statement to his power.  The missing identity and the fact that he is sitting down in an enveloping chair gives the image of the high-profile boss who is never seen.  He is the Charlie and the woman is his “angel,” a subordinate especially as she is serving him a...
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