The Rhetorical Analysis

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[Chanel no.5]|
Week 1 The Rhetorical Analysis|

Published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1937, this photo was chosen for the Chanel No.5 advertisement

Chanel no. 5

The iconic perfume Chanel number 5, 1937 advertisement, what makes it powerful, Unique? The answer is simple the ethos used in the commercial, which is Madame Gabrielle Chanel herself. Coco Chanel did not only market the fragrance herself, but also it was the first fragrance to be marketed by a designer’s name, so the ethos was used here twice, once as the name of the perfume and also her own figure, standing in her suit Ritz, proud, chic , well dressed, and iconic, not paying attention to the camera, but instead looking into her challenges and achievements, as if they were running in front of her eyes, those flashes and images, were the power that gave her that strength to stand like that, an advertisement like this with a person who can be a raw model for many women inspired me a lot, and changed my point of view of perfume from a beautiful and feminine to powerful. The ethos here is not just a woman with a beautiful face or figure, or even repetition, the ethos is an example of this little girl, who came from an orphanage and smelled like those cheap soaps she washed with, to enter the A class Parisian community, and all royal families and celebrities, to make them smell like her, here the weakness of an orphan turned to be a revolution, this woman in the ad changed women lives, changed weakness to strength, changed the way they dressed, they no longer need anyone to help them to wear their complicated clothes anymore, especially after they had to go to work after WWI as men were fighting in battle fields, women then started wearing clothes that set them free, I don’t mean here the vulgar tiny clothes, I mean those clothes that gave women the ability to play sports, go to work, and have a role in their community, this perfume came in a time...
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