Old Spice Analysis

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  • Published : September 29, 2011
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Aaron Wheeler
Mr. Forrester
English 111
Visual/Multimedia Analysis
Everywhere you go you are forced to see advertising, on billboards, on the internet, and even in schools. Advertising usually tries to target and convince a specific audience into wanting or being interested in whatever point of view or product the ad is trying to sale. In an advertisement for Old Spice deodorant there are multiple examples of ethos, pathos, and logos if analyzed accurately, there are also multiple flaws in this advertisement. On Youtube, when looking at videos you have to watch ads before you can enjoy the video you want to watch. I saw the commercial for Old Spice deodorant when browsing Youtube’s videos and thought it was a very effective advertisement, it is very fast paced and always changing so it makes the viewer concentrate and pay more attention to the commercial. The advertisement is based around the spokesperson, who is a man telling the audience that all women would prefer him over their man. He says the next best thing to having him as your man is having your man smell like him. The commercial spends thirty three seconds trying to convince the viewer that if you buy its companies body wash or deodorant and use it to smell like the man on the screen you will be able to do the ridiculous things he is capable of doing. The advertisements purpose is either to make a man want to buy the scented product so he can please his ladies nasal senses and amaze her, or to make a woman want her man to start wearing the product for her pleasure. Commercials are always targeting specific audiences with certain angles or visuals in the ad, for example, the Old Spice Company is a male deodorant and body wash producer but in this commercial the spokesperson is trying to convince women that they want their men to wear Old Spice. This particular ad is directed towards audiences that are couples, and even single males who want to appeal more to the women. The...
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