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Topics: Rhetoric, Appeal, Sleep Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Rebeccah Rushing
Linsey Cuti
English 1624
January 20, 2013
Is Sleep a Beautiful Thing?
The economy is based on consumption and advertising is an indispensable motivator that persuades people to consume. Advertising is one of the biggest tools companies use to sell a product. Today if a product is not actively marketing, publicizing, or advertising itself the product will fail. It is essential for an advertisement to use rhetorical appeals to grab the viewer’s attention. Advertising can be so good that it can sell things to people using a picture alone. It is all in the eye of the beholder. So when I was flipping through the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine I stumble across an ad for ZzzQuil an - over - the counter sleeping aid. It was towards the middle of the magazine and it popped out like a huge billboard. The ad captures attention because the picture of the women sleeping looks so comfortable and makes peaceful sleep desirable and attainable. The ad shows a woman in her bedroom with her striped bedding sleeping in what appears to be a very deep sleep. She is lying face down, eyes shut, with mouth wide open in her bed with her curly hair pressed against the pillow and her arm dangling off the side of the bed. She is sleeping in her bed with a big caption saying “Because sleep is a beautiful thing” (“ZzzQuil”). The ad has amazing appeal and is a great attention grabber. The target audience is clear and defined and all three appeals are used well. The ZzzQuil advertisement is targeting women and they are using all three rhetorical appeals ethos, pathos, and logos to sell this product.

Generally, advertisement resonate best when, the model/actor in the ad is to match the person the ad is attend for, and this ad was intended for women. The ad was placed in a Cosmopolitan magazine a very popular women’s magazine. The focus on the ad/ model is this women lying in her bed sleeping soundly. Looking at her instantly you know she is in a deep sleep....
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