Comparative Sleep Study of Basic a/B Control to

Topics: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Scientific method Pages: 6 (1963 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Comparative sleep study of basic A/B control to
Evaluate the alternate breathing method

Alonzo Marroquin Jr.


This paper explores several published articles that report on results from research conducted on a sleep study over a span of six days that comprised of normal conditions of sleep patterns and the alternate breathing method. Evaluate and suggest if there is any satisfactory evidence on both studies that validate the finding of quality aided sleep. From an investigative standpoint, the comparison of normal sleep and alternate nostril breathing prior to falling asleep can justify that quality both ways benefit sleeping at night. This study will provide a documented tracking on three days of normal sleep and three days of alternate nostril breathing prior to sleep. Described and analyzed cultural and ethical implications of natural vs. medical remedies for sleep, including some strengths and weaknesses. Analyze biological perspective to the claim of relevance that can support this technique. Covering the scientific perspective the process of research and which components this study including Eastern medicine versus Western medicine. This study will provide a thesis and a hypothesis and if there is any correlation to better quality sleep from alternate nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid. Exam if there are any skeptical aspects during the scientific method.

Comparative sleep study of basic A/B control to evaluate the alternate breathing method Sleeping is something we spend doing approximately one third of our human life cycle and can vary in quality from one night to another and have a tremendous impact on our daily performance when we awake the next morning by either having a lousy day or having a productive day. “Some 70 million people in the United States have a sleep problem. About 40 million adults suffer from a chronic sleep disorder; an additional 20 – 30 million have intermittent sleep-related problems (Berman, 2011).” Many people have difficulty with sleep and don’t give sleeping a second thought as to why they might only slept for a few hours, and complaining about having problems throughout the whole day, and not cognizant of a sleeping disorder or medical problems directly related from sleeping. Today, there are many variables that can affect us such as faster paced lifestyles, more nightshift workers, and seems to not be enough hours in the day to accomplish many tasks so we sacrifice valuable sleep. Conducting a comparative sleep study to evaluate normal and alternate breathing method to see which is more effective from a biological perspective, the cultural and ethical implications of natural versus medical remedies for sleep, the scientific perspective that some people might be skeptical, and provide personal data from sleep comparison. Sleep study results

The first three nights of using no sleep aids prior to going to sleep during the normal phase was very easy for me since I work a night shift and go to sleep within 15-20 minutes when I arrive home in the early a.m. My routine is simple brush teeth, change clothes, drink a glass of water, and lock all the doors to the house before getting into bed. I easily fall asleep each night within five minutes of lying in the bed. Thirty years ago, I took a course called Silva mind control which taught me how to understand and control my body, breathing, and to go into a pattern of deep relaxation within minutes and have been successful ever since. I still wake up after five hours to go to the restroom and then return to bed until I wake up each morning at 10:30 – 10:45 a.m. My sleep pattern is very consistent and I averaged approximately 7 ½ hours of sleep a night. My overall rate of restfulness score was 9.5 During the Alternate breathing phase, I did my normal routine until I got into bed, I started the breathing exercises for 10 times then laid for a few minutes to evaluate what had...
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