Topics: Television advertisement, Regulatory Focus Theory, Mascara Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: April 26, 2013
In a society filled with wants and needs, advertisement serves as a persuasive yet informative factor while aiming for an appealing effect on the potential consumer, Advertisement’s influential role on the consumer has provided a reliable resource for successful sales, while simultaneously creating a more competitive environment for opposing companies. For example, Rimmel London and Cover Girl, two extremely successful makeup industries are at constant war in advertising. When selling similar products, such as make up, brands are completely reliant on their advertisement’s approach. In all reality, both products may have the same effect but must rely on their commercial’s “pitch” to sell. If not marketed properly, even the best products can be overshadowed. Despite their widely different approach, both Rimmel London and Cover Girl understand the core elements of successful advertisement.

Mascara is an essential tool in women’s make up bags, providing companies such as Rimmel London and Cover Girl opportunities for mass profit. Therefore, advertisement has taken a crucial role in offering companies an advantage over the other. In hopes of dominating the competition, Cover Girl uses the “bait and hook” method in their advertisements by acknowledging the influence of celebrity’s on society. Worshipped by the public as examples of perfection, celebrities can provide a major factor in an advertisement’s success.

Cover Girl chose Drew Barrymore to represent their lash blast mascara, due to her contagious personality and respectable status. She opens Cover Girl’s lash blast mascara commercial with the role of an exciting, party girl almost contradicting her innocent personality. Using famous icons, such as Drew, Cover Girl’s lash blast mascara commercial immediately captures women’s attention, suggesting the mascara’s ability to create a new identity. While dancing around set with her gorgeous eye lashes, the image of the lash blast mascara appears on screen...
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