Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Cosmetics, Mascara, Lipstick Pages: 5 (1883 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Purpose to sell
These days, makeup products have a big influence on every woman`s life. They are commonly believed to enhance women beauty, highlight their best features and make them feel more confident and accomplished. Makeup helps women to express their own creativity and individuality, to explore their nature and try out new looks. From the age of ten and older a lot of women use different kinds of make up at least few times a month; it might be just a lip gloss or a touch of mascara, but they all do that sooner or later. Since ancient times, women were already using coal and berries to make their appearance brighter and more attractive to other people, especially men. Since make up plays such an important role in the modern world, there occurred to be a lot of advertisements of beauty industry products everywhere: billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, special events and big posters in the related stores. Their purpose is to promote all kinds of various beauty products that women might want to use in order to look beautiful. In this essay, I would like to discuss one of the most well-known cosmetics firms-Maybelline and the advertisement of their new product- “the rocket volume express” mascara. The ad appears in the Allure magazine from March 2013. According to the Wikipedia, the Allure magazine is a US women beauty magazine, and that says it all. On the cover of the issue, I was going through: the words “beauty” and “makeup” were used more than twice in such headings as “the ultimate celebrity makeup kit,” or “happy makeup and sunny new colors,” or “41 secrets of top beauty pros.” That is an obvious prove that everything in the Allure magazine is going to be about all kinds of various cosmetic and beauty products women use in their everyday life. I counted over fifty different advertisement promoting perfumes, anti-aging crèmes, mascaras, nail polish and other sometimes unnecessary products that women all over the planet are ready to spend money on. The wording that advertisers are including in those ads is very specific, all the adjectives used to describe products have positive and most of the time exaggerated meaning: “dramatically reduces,” “long wear perfection,” “megatint,” “miracle blur,” “instant perfection” etc. They are trying to convince us to purchase their product by using all technics available. The traditional market for the Allure magazine is the middle-class woman aged between eighteen and early thirtieth. It costs $3.99 per an issue, and most of the women in that age group can afford to purchase it without making any sacrifices. Majorities of the readers are going to be single and without kids. They are interested in going out on Friday night and ready to dedicate their time to beauty. In order to understand the whole concept of the new mascara advertisement, we are going to talk a bit about The Maybelline Company itself. According to their official website, the Maybelline Company was created in 1915, when TL Williams invented world’s first mascara. Since the moment the company was created, it started its way up to the top of most well-known beauty product producers all over the world. These days, we can describe Maybelline products as an inexpensive, easy accessible, fun makeup, targeted towards younger market aged between eighteen and twenty six. After comparing few different ads of this company, I have noticed that every one of them captures a unique in its own way story. For example, an ad off a “new color whisper” lipstick shows a photo of a mysterious and naturally beautiful young woman with the soft gentle look. The ad suggests that after using that lipstick a woman will turn into the same sensitive and innocent creature and something magical and romantic will happen to her. Alternatively, an ad of a new liquid liner captures an image of a younger fashion model with bright green eye shadows and black eye liner design on her eyelids, that makes her look fun and unique to other people....
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