“Far Too Much Attention Is Given to Beauty Products and Treatments.” Do You Agree?

Topics: Advertising, Beauty, Consumerism Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Beauty products and treatments are becoming an integral part of our lives; with the ubiquitous quaint breast enhancement and slimming advertisements around us, compounded with the constant tandem appearances of celebrities endorsing cosmetics on television, beauty has impacted society's mindsets immensely. Indeed, it is becoming conspicuous that beauty products and treatments are enjoying far too much attention. It is such to an extent that their advertisements are aired unbridledly, influencing many a young minds towards spending opulently to achieve what was advertised, be it flawless skin, perfect body figure or wrinkle-free cheeks. 

One reason that beauty products and treatments are enjoying "celebrity status" is because of advertisement power. There have always been a seed of jealousy ensconced inside society; a jealousy for other's beauty. What the advertisements merely effected was to catalyse the growth of this seed, and with it, the desire to be the most beautiful. The increased attention paid to these beauty products and treatments are only a result of the growth of this seed, of the want to beautify oneself. Needless to say, the improvement of the encumbered economy is providing affluence to society, fuelling the costs inflicted from seeking the state of "perfect beauty". With their visceral desire of beauty, they capitulate easily to the slow calling of beauty advertisements. Their desire coalesced with the emergence of these advertisements, each fuelling the other's existence. It is with this growth that attention to beauty products and treatments have flourished, and it is only with the end of this symbiosis will the trend stop.
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