Cultural Myths and Advertisements

Topics: Halle Berry, Mythology, Advertising Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Cultural Myths and Advertisements Go Together
In companies wanting to be successful they have to attract customers somehow into buying their products. The most effective way to do so is to advertise/promote the product through TV, magazines, or billboards. These advertisements later lead to people having cultural myths, “a story or idea that explains the culture or customs of people” (Davis). A cultural myth is a traditional story that holds special significance for the people of a given culture. “Myths are the motivating stories or ideas common cultural practices”, said J. Francis Davis in the article Power of Images: Creating the Myths of Our Time. In this paper, I will identify 2 cultural myths, "your body is not good enough" and "Happiness, satisfaction and sex appeal", discuss how 2 ads for Garnier BB Cream and Closer perfume by Halle Berry appeal to these myths.

Body Is Not Good Enough: “Instant Perfection”
One cultural myth is your body is not good enough. Not being pretty, young, smart, thin, tall, tan enough are some that go with this myth. Which are ultimately to buy a product to be good enough. J. Francis Davis mentions, “ our culture pictures have become tools used to elicit specific and planned emotional reactions in the people who see them.” There are so many things in the media that could make even a confident person not feel good enough after seeing all the advertising about it. An example in Cosmopolitan magazine is a Garnier BB Cream ad. On the left side of the page there is a white woman, possibly 30’s, a huge smile on her face. Before and after shots are divided down the middle of her face. In the before shot she has different blemishes, in after shot skin is clear, looks perfect. On right side of ad there is a description of product which states that the product evens tone, hydrates, renews, protects, and brightens.

I personally took the time to go purchase this product because I was a little unsure that this BB Cream would...
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