Case Analysis About E Commerce Law

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I. Introduction:
In this age of mobile phone shopping, online bookings, web based promotions and social networking, legitimate business transactions and permit applications can now be served via the internet. As early as June, 2000, the Philippine government through the Senate and the House of Representatives approved the E-Commerce Law in recognition of the vital role of information and communications technology (ICT) in nation-building. Known as the "Electronic Commerce Act of 2000" or House Bill No. 9971, the act was passed because of the need to create an information-friendly environment which supports and ensures the availability, diversity and affordability of ICT products and services that provides for the recognition and use of electronic transaction and documents in the country. The bill likewise recognizes the responsibility of the private sector in contributing investments and services in telecommunications and information technology as well as the need to develop appropriate training programs and institutional policy changes. The House Bill also took cognizance of the human resources involved in the use of ICT, the population capable of operating and utilizing electronic appliances and computers and its obligation to facilitate the transfer and promotion of adaptation of these technologies. But, in order to ensure network security, connectivity and neutrality of technology for the national benefit, information infrastructures comprised of telecommunication networks and information services shall be organized and deployed. E-commerce is a system that includes not only those transactions that center on buying and selling of goods and services to directly generate revenue, but also those transactions that support revenue generation, such as generating demand for those goods and services, offering sales support and customer service, or facilitating communications between business partners.

II. Reaction and Analysis of every provision:

Declaration of Policy

Section 1 : Short title

It names the title of the act which is known as the "Electronic Commerce Act of 2000"

Section 2:   Declaration of Policy.

Reaction and Analysis:

This provisions explains the content of the policy, which creates an environment friendly to promote the ICT products and services in an affordable way so that it can develop the training programs, policy of institutions, human resources, the labor force, the operations of electronic appliances especially the computer system. It promotes also the technology so that the network security and the connections of technology in the country will be safeguard or protected. It gives benefits to the nation in terms of organizing the arrangement of the country’s information infrastructures and the understanding between communication networks and information services which connects to the global network in a legal act on its systems and facilities. In my opinion the declaration of the policy has an advantage in our country because it makes the business industry with the use of ICT be a good transactions in global markets that helps our assets and profits increase, that’s a help for our country’s budget.

Declaration of Principles for Electronic Commerce Promotion

Section 3.        Objective         

  Reaction and Analysis:

In this provision, It discusses the principles of the E commerce promotion which indicates the role of the government, every government official must be fair in giving shares and allowance in the lack of human resources and secure the common good, their settlements and goals should be done in the future and provide the necessities. The action of the private sector and in making the policy should be compromised. As the role of the private sector, the E commerce development must be widened in market forces and they must pursue a fair competitive market. The International coordination and...
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