Comparison of the Electronic Payment System with the Current Payment System of Notre Dame of Marbel University

Topics: Electronic commerce, Electronic money, Money Pages: 12 (3233 words) Published: March 5, 2013
A Thesis Proposal Presented to
Dr. Armando L. Pama, Ph. D.
Notre Dame of Marbel University
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirement for the Subject
ES 140-Methods of Research
Anoche, Vanessa Therese F.
Gabac, Cherry Ann P.
Panes, Evelyn T.
Sulia, Rochelle T.

Engr. Jenith Guaro

February 2013
Chapter 1
With the onset of the information age, Philippines are becoming increasingly dependent upon network communications. Computer-based technology is significantly impacting the ability to access, store, and distribute information like personal information’s, business information’s and stores these information’s into a secure storages and distribute it by internet connections or file sharing. Through this technology, human society is living into the fullest, that there are things that impossible before but today through the help of technology it made possible. Nowadays, most of the businesses small or big institutions, private or public organizations use the electronic especially in paying the bills. According to Keck (2005) Electronic payment have a several advantages, which were never available through the traditional modes of payments, some of the most important are: privacy, integrity, compatibility, good transaction efficiency, acceptability, convenience, mobility, low financial risk, and anonymity. Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU) is a private educational institution that are using a traditional mode of payment until now, which is not appropriate nowadays and also to the number of the students in the said institution. Thus paying tuition fees is a very important obligation of students and also to the parent’s. In line with this, the business office plays important role in paying the financial obligation of the students and parents. On the current payment system of Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU), there is a need to be improved in terms of time, speed and security. In terms of time, there’s an instance that the students encountered delaying of time because of the long line in the business office. In terms of speed, the electronic payment is faster and more accurate rather than the traditional payment which the Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU) is still using. In terms of security, the parents can secure the real amount stated in the statement of account, because there is an instance that some students edited the real amount to the statement of account and put a high amount on it. Electronic payment system will give information to the parents in terms of easy access and to minimize the consumed time by paying the tuition in the banks. The medium of electronic payment to the banks are cash, bank account, and credit card but the banks are specified only namely, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) And Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) which is located near at NDMU. To the business office, it can help to minimize the works of the business office staff because, the number of students who will pay to the business office will be lessen but it will become optional to the students to pay in the banks because some of the students have no accounts in the banks.

Statement of the Problem
This research aims to compare and to give information to the parents and students that electronic payment system could be an option in paying school tuition. To pay tuition fees using banks. This study will be supported by the following:

1. How much time will be saved in electronic payment system? 2. What percent of student will be less in line of paying tuition in school? 3. What prove could be determine to have alternative option in paying tuition in the business office?

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to evaluate and...
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