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Motivated professionals, dedicated to customer service

With over 410,000 employees, 110,000 of them in France, the Carrefour group ranks among the top 13 private employers in the world. Wherever it is an employer, Carrefour aspires to be seen as a benchmark in human resources management and social responsibility. Attracting, training, supporting and securing the loyalty of employees: the group makes every effort to support the development of its staff members, who are, after all, its ambassadors in dealing with the company’s customers. A broad range of skills and professions

Through its various brands, the Carrefour group offers employees over 120 different professions and seeks to provide the greatest possible access to all its employees. 1. A variety of professions, offering opportunities to all kinds of people The group places its emphasis on the skills needed in its stores, where our employees come into close contact with their customers. Certain key, traditional retail roles are given particular attention: department managers, checkout operators and self-service assistants, for example. The Carrefour group seeks to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among its employees, to develop their sense of customer service and to help them rise to the challenges of commerce. It offers career opportunities to all kinds of people, graduates and otherwise, those tackling their first jobs and highly experienced professionals, throughout the world. At the same time, the Carrefour group also depends on the contribution of employees with highly specific expertise for its back-office activities: logistics, IT systems, accounting, finance and so on. 2. Specialties on every level, food and non-food

The expertise our stores possess with regard to food give us added credibility when assuming traditional roles, such as those of butcher, baker, fishmonger and caterer. In this respect, France serves as a source of skills and expertise capable of spreading best practices...
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