My Responsibilities in Primark

Topics: Pharmacy, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Working at Primark gave me an invaluable experience of working as part of a team to achieve targets. I learnt to communicate effectively with other team members and to work to the best of my ability to contribute towards the team. Within teams we had the main responsibility of maintaining the store in a presentable manner for health and safety reasons and also to provide better customer care. I personally had the responsibility of restocking shelves within an assigned area to maintain a reasonable amount of stock at all times. During my time at Primark I particularly enjoyed working with the public and offering a friendly and helpful service to customers. I was able to assist customers with queries and guide them suitably to requested items. A particular responsibility was informing customers of new schemes and offers to allow them to make informed decisions. The main aim was to ensure within reason, the customers’ shopping experience was enjoyable. In particularly I appreciated the invaluable opportunities to deal with difficult and sometimes unexpected situations due to the store size to reach a reasonable solution. I learnt how to deal with complaints and customer dissatisfaction reports diplomatically and keep the customer happy, but was also able to comprehend my limits and pass complaints onto the supervisor or manager when needed. One particular importance aspect I learnt was to always address the client’s needs first before any other responsibilities. I also handled cash and worked competently on tills, particularly at busy time. This entailed working systematically and efficiently under pressure even at times when certain aspects are not functioning flawlessly. Over the summer, I worked in a Community Pharmacy which allowed me an insight into the intriguing change in the shift in the role of the community pharmacist, from solely dispensing prescriptions to now offering advice and counseling in regards to medication, services and products....
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