Stakeholders of Carrefour in Oman

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Carrefour Group
Employees as stakeholders:
Carrefour is planning to become distinction from others in terms of human resources management and social responsibility in all the countries where it operates. Attracting, training, supporting and retaining loyalty while remaining open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The group do its best to ensure that all employees fulfill their potential and perform to the best of their abilities. Carrefour recruits 90% of its employees in its store catchment areas. Carrefour recruitment policy is based on equal opportunity, and the Group gives those from all backgrounds a chance to succeed, with or without qualifications. When people start working with Carrefour, they are choosing a responsible company that incorporates its sustainability policy into all of its business lines. Therefore, Carrefour is accepting its employees to perform at their best, be creative, respect the company code of ethics, serve customers in the best way and respect the regulations and policies. Moreover, Carrefour aims to boost workplace well-being by constantly communicating with employees and their representatives in compliance with Group values, this policy makes a major contribution to increasing motivation and collective and individual performance. Carrefour group also gives its employees the chance to express their opinions regarding their jobs and their life within the company. The results are then handed out to employees and their representatives, allowing for the identification of areas for improvement and the implementation of action plans. Carrefour ensures that employees benefit from appropriate social protection. When employees face any problems in terms of coverage, Carrefour provides for additional welfare, health and retirement coverage, either to cover what’s missing in local systems or complement them. Carrefour helps its employees to arrange schedules, enabling them to better balance their professional and personal lives. Carrefour is committed to provide part time jobs for young Omanis, in order to mate the needs of its customers, perform its business activities and gives its employees the chance to finish their own daily needs. The group is committed also to ensure the safety of its employees and customers at all. As one its employees stated the group adopted French and Oman safety standards. Furthermore, is to reduce workplace accidents through prevention training and awareness campaigns. The Group ensures that its teams understand health and safety regulations, offers training, enforces procedures and performs regular on-site audits. On the other hand, employees also expect from Carrefour to perform and respect their efforts and works. Employees want the group to pay them the best compensation, which refers to all forms of pay and rewards received by employees for the performance in their jobs including all forms of cash, benefits, services, and perks. Also, employees want from Carrefour training and development programs to improve their skills and abilities, gain more working experiences and give them promotions. Moreover, employees in Carrefour expect from the group their jobs and to appreciate their inputs for the group and how they contributes to the group business activities. Employees how are working as cashier want from the management break time after working in rush hours. Also, employees expect from Carrefour to define clear goals and objectives for them to make their jobs easier, so they can finish what is require from them within a time. Some employees want freedom and responsibilities over their work, which actually make them more productive. Employees also want from Carrefour guidance and feedback to acknowledge them their performances.

Customers as stakeholders:
Without customers a business would not exist. One of the major objectives of Carrefour is to win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and...
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