Functional Area Plan Hr

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Functional area Plan: Human Resources
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Zilack Corporation Human Resources Department

Human Resources Manager Composition

The Human Resources Department at Zilack Cup Company has a mission to promote the company’s goals by aiding and assisting our organization in our functional area. The department must reconstruct the way in which it operates to facilitate the required demand of growth, acquiring and retaining a very efficient and highly motivated workforce. Crucial focal points for achievement and success are attracting, cultivating and preparing a workforce that can accommodate the growth level and changes that the company will under go.

Code of Ethics

Updating our code of ethics to include company values, expectations, and definitions of behavioral ethical standards to assure that each employee understands and mirrors the philosophy and standards of Zilack. As Zilack obtains its growth goals our dedication and commitment to being the best will retain its integrity. Our vision of growth will depend on worker commitment, cohesive team work and cooperation from everyone to succeed. Human Resources will build upon existing strategic management ideals intensifying growth where allowable. The actions and solutions created by human resources for our growth are reflective of the excellent quality, budgetary responsibility and our dedication to excellent customer service. Our core values are first and foremost. (Lachnit, 2003) All team members of Zilack are expected to conform to the Code of Ethics. They are included in each performance management appraisals. Each employee’s performance appraisal and merit increase will be graded by the Zilack Code of Ethics, quality of production, cooperation and teamwork. Core values go hand and hand with our code of ethics. The performance of employees must be within the acceptable limits of production for favorable ratings to occur.

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