Mitsubishi Motors North America - Case Study

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Case Study
:-Mitsubishi Motors North America

Question :- (1:1)
What do you think Mitsubishi¡¦s philosophy might be regarding the role of strategic human resource management? Explain.
Strategic human resource management process is very important to any organization in the present day context because it contributes to the organizations performance to a greater extent even on a highly volatile environment.

Any organization¡¦s existence and the survival in the short and long run will mainly depend on the right people being at the right positions in the right numbers.

Looking at the Mitsubishi¡¦s mission statement the following could be viewed as their philosophy.

¡§Our employees are the main contributing factor to our success and we make all endeavors to identify and reward their inputs. We set very high standards on work ethics and discipline in our organization.¡¨

Question :- (1:2)
Do Rich Gilligan¡¦s actions at the normal plant fit the company¡¦s philosophy? Explain.

Rich Gilligan took over the Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. when it was in diastrates. It was known as the place sued by the U.S government for the abusive sexual harassment of its female workers. Its reputation was in very bad shape with regard to working conditions particularly on the employment of Female workers. How bad it was that there were few guys who had no bad marks asked to stop coaching girl¡¦s soft ball teams just because they worked at the Mitsubishi Motors.

Rich Gilligan¡¦s initial challenge was to bring discipline into the organization and up lift its image as a socially and ethically responsible organization. As the first step of the image building process was the settlement of the Law suit on sexual harassment for $ 34 million. The money was distributed among the victims of the organization. Then he setup a new department to investigate all employees¡¦ complaints and train new employees on racial and sexual discrimination cases. ¡§Zero tolerance policy¡¨ was introduced in order to deal with an unacceptable behavior in the organization and it was strictly implemented.

Due to the effectiveness of the above actions which was initiated by Mr. Rich Gilligan, there was turnaround in the organization performance within five years and reputation too was re-instated as a socially responsible co-operate body. This was evident from the comment made by EEOC few years after implementation of the above actions, which was ¡§Mitsubishi¡¦s handling of complaints was much stricter than federal & state laws require¡¨.

Question :- (2)
Is a Zero tolerance policy an appropriate response for combating sexual harassment? Why or why not?

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted activity of a sexual nature that effects an individual¡¦s employment. According to equal employment opportunity commission unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature etc. falls under sexual harassment.

Up to a grater extent ¡§zero tolerance policy¡¨ is an appropriate tool to combat sexual harassment. As in this case it helped the management to eliminate the indiscipline employees whom involved in tarnishing the image of the organization. Further it helped particularly for female employees to work in an organization with confidence because everybody knows that one wrong move the consequences will be so big even it might cost your employment. It¡¦s a known fact and so it¡¦s evident in this case too that in a disciplined organization the productivity ratings ranks high.

However ¡§Zero tolerance policy¡¨ too could lead to employees making false complaints due to personal conflicts or internal politics. Certain employees might try to use this as a tool in order to work less. In other words if a supervisors pulls up an employee for not meeting his/her targets the employee could lodge a complain against the supervisor and therefore will encourage people in the...
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