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Staff 2 How do they handle conflicts?
The staff of Adidas likes to handle conflicts officially against the people who they sue. In the business they are really strict, they have their own code of conduct. Employees who do not follow the codes of conduct will subject to discipline measures. This could also lead to a dismissal. To avoid these situation, all employees will be trained to apply the code through a global e-Learning tool.

2 How are the employees kept motivated?
Adidas has engage in developing a motivating working environment by creating the career growing possibilities, good rewards, by helping staff achieve a healthy work-life balance, and offering access to a wide range of company sports activities. All the information we have found about what Adidas does for its employees. HR functions and goals

HR management is a core function within the Group's global organisation. Group HR is responsible for: • HR management of all Group functions and brands
• Recruitment
• Development and training
• Talent and succession management
• Performance management
• Rewards, including reward and mobility management
• Emerging employee programmes and related HR marketing • Company sports programme and work-life balance initiatives in Germany. The head of Group HR is the Chief HR Officer, who reports to the CEO. Group HR has three major strategic pillars that all worldwide initiatives support: • To create a working environment that stimulates team spirit, passion, engagement and achievement • To instil a performance culture based upon strong leadership • To make the adidas Group the employer of choice.

As an industry leader, the adidas Group strives to be:
• A champion in leadership and talent management
• A world-class recruiter
• A top ten employer in every key market we operate.
HR programme
Our people are critical to our continuing commercial success. With more than 31,000 employees working at more than 150 locations around the world, we need HR strategies that can be implemented globally. The first step is to identify the common challenges we face wherever we operate: • Talent management: identifying, recruiting and retaining the best people and developing career opportunities for them that meet company needs • Employee-oriented leadership: strengthening the alignment of management and employees by improving communication and enhancing employee feedback systems • Performance management: instilling a result-driven management culture that supports two-way performance feedback for continuous learning and improvement • Motivation: providing reward and incentive schemes in a working environment that promotes commitment, engagement and well-being • Communication: increased transparency and efficiency in all our communications. Rising to these challenges can enhance the adidas Group's business success.

Employee involvement
Employee empowerment and participation play an important role in managing employee relations within the adidas Group. The Group has established works councils at adidas in Germany and other European subsidiaries. The members of the works councils are elected by the workforce. Currently, three representatives of the works council are also members of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board advises and supervises the Executive Board in the management of the adidas Group. It is involved in all decisions of fundamental importance to the Group and is responsible for appointing and dismissing members of the Executive Board. This so-called 'co-determination' structure is mandatory under German law.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Works council representatives participated in various local and international stakeholder meetings as well as in several conferences and seminars where the topic was largely 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. Examples of these meetings are: • Regional meetings facilitated by Social and...
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