Carrefour Structure

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Daniel Bernard

CEO and Chairman of Carrefour

Daniel Bernard

CFO of Carrefour

Bruce Johnson

Director of Organization and Systems

William Andersen

Director of Merchandise and Marketing

Joel Saveuse

Director of Europe Zone

Philippe Jarry

Director of America Zone

René Brillet

Director of Asia Zone

Expanded Committee

Javier Campo

Director of DIA International

Jean-Francois Domont

Director of Europe Nations
(excluding. France & Spain)

Leon Salto

Director of France

Alfonso Merry Del Val

Director of Spain

Carrefour has a hierarchical structure with a more functional managerial organizational structure. Their organization is such that the CEO or chairman is the top person in the hierarchy. Below him sits the CFO, the Director of Organization and Systems and the Director of Merchandise and Marketing. The CFO exists between the CEO and the functional divisions. Beyond the functional divisions lies the directors for each specific global zone or region for which Carrefour is located. As well as a director for each zone they have what they refer to as the expanded committee which consists of directors of specific nations or subsidiaries.

This organizational structure works very efficiently for Carrefour. It delegates, to the major functions of the large corporation, the abilities to handle all of the necessary business dealing requested by each separate division. Allowing each function to know the dealings of each division allows them to compare better how each division is performing compared to the other divisions. This also allows for a more standardized means of coordinating the functions of each division, limiting confusion and overlapping responsibilities. Carrefour has several types of “products” (stores) and is located in over 20 countries, which would make a divisional structure...
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