Brand Personality

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Brand Personality
The aim for the brand personality of our product is to come across as a more luxurious option in comparison with other share bags; we believe this could give our product an edge on the competition. We believe a more luxurious and classy brand personality will appeal more to our target market. Our target market for this product is women from the ages of 28-40; we are particularly aiming at middle class women who are of a professional stature who have a more luxurious approach to life. This will be a high-end exclusive product combining the fair trade certification with Plantic technologies (who recently worked with Marks and Spencer's to create environmentally friendly packaging for a Swiss Chocolate range) this will make our consumers feel good about themselves. We want to give off a fun yet sophisticated brand image, a brand image that makes the average person want to buy this product, to try and aspire to success. Weight & Ingredients

The ingredients for our products will contain 50g of plain chocolate, 15g of unsalted butter, 50g of trifle sponge cakes crumbled, 10g of icing sugar and 15g of cocoa powder. This is all that will be needed per share bag which shows there is a lot of chance for significant profit to be made on each share bag. Our product will be like a newer version of the chocolate truffle and have different types of truffle inside we will making these truffles at a smaller size to the average ones to add a bit of difference to the market. Our share bags will approximately weigh 140g which I have noticed in my research seems to be a little bit more than most of the other share bags, such as Maltesers & Mars Planets. We believe this will be good advantage as the customer will think they are getting more for their money. Packaging

Our product is going to be packaged in new environmentally friendly packaging, this is to try and differentiate our product from other luxury share bags and provide a unique selling point. The...
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