Brand Identity

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Marketing communications play a very big role in creating a strong brand identity. A brand is more than just that, a brand is almost like a person; it holds certain characteristics, values and personality traits. Combining all these aspects allows a brand to communicate with their consumers, which creates a strong relationship between the two parties. Brands have to communicate a certain message to reach their consumers and get them on-board with the brand, they communicate their messages using the following marketing communication tools: advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion and direct marketing.

These marketing communication tools can be broken down into two categories: personal communications and non-personal communications. Advertising, public relations and sales promotion can be grouped under non-personal communications because they communicate with consumers in the mass, they tend to be able to reach a large audience and have low interaction with consumers. They also can have a high percentage of wastage. The other marketing tools are known to be personal communications, these types of communications interact more with the consumer. They are two-way communications and they are used directly face to face or through mail and email or using Internet based services. Communications can sometimes fail to reach the intended target, misinterpreted or blocked by noise. External noise such as poor reception, distractions and other commercial communications can hinder the effectiveness of communications. Internal noise can also block commercial communications. Some may not be noticed, particularly if they are not relevant, others may be changed to fit existing attitudes and beliefs and only some messages are transferred from short to long-term memory so many might not be remembered. Some brands that have had difficulty with their intended messages include Stella Artois, Lacoste and Burberry. Stella Artois gave out the message of being “reassuringly expensive” but they earned the name of “wife beater” (Moore, V. 2007) .and was now being called “dirt cheap” Their higher percentage alcohol content made them the “lager of choice for football thugs” (Moore, V. 2007) which is not the message they were trying to communicate at all. “None of this is compatible with the sophisticated and upmarket image that Stella has tried to push, using TV ads with such high production values they look like expensive art-house mini-movies.” (Moore, V. 2007) That’s just an example of how a brands transmitted message can be misinterpreted

Positioning within the market is important for every brand; differentiation from competitors is key. A good example of a very successful brand is Apple; it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and is one of the leading innovators in the technology market. It had unrivalled success with their iPad and has been able to “seize a large proportion of the market share at 11%” (Keynote,2011). Apple’s brand value of being premium quality and trendy has helped them on their way at achieving their success. Another brand that has seen success is Coca Cola, they are the market leaders in soft drinks and their logo is recognized worldwide, they have positioned themselves in a way that they are global and multifaceted brand that can fit into many cultures.

The definition of branding can be explained as “a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers to differentiate them from their competitors” (Kotler, 2000) Branding can be broken down into 3 main characteristics using the halo diagram, core, augmented and halo. Brand halo characteristics are characteristics such as brand associations, the brand name and brand image; these are created through marketing communications. These are the main characteristics that create brand identity. They create emotional bonds with the brand’s consumers....
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