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Q1. Ved prakash Arya the CEO and founder of Milestone capital died recently in an unfortunate accident . How ? Ans. Coconut tree fell on him during his morning walk in Mumbai Q2. In what denomination has RBI introduced POLYMER notes on a trial basis ? Ans. 10 Rs

Q3.. What is the financial instrument through which Warren Buffett is iinvesting 5 bn $ in Bank of America ? Ans Preference shares
Q4. On resignation of Steve Jobs who has taken over as the CEO of Apple ? Ans Tim Cook
Q5.”That guy is never going to make it. He doesn’t get technology. He’s just a salesman.’About whom did Ed Land, Polaroid CEO say this ? Ans. Steve Jobs
Q6. In the midst of the Anna fever in India which co has launched an OS called SYMBIAN ANNA ? Ans. Nokia
Q7. “Do bachcho ke baad ho jao 3G pe busy”.Which co is promoting 3G as more pleasurable than sex ? Ans. idea
Q8. Which newspaper is brought out by the co The Printers (Mysore) Ltd.? Ans. Deccan Herald. It is coming out with a Delhi edition  Q9. For which innerwear brand have David Beckham, Cristiano ronaldo and now Rafael Nadal bared ? Ans. Armani

Q10. Which oil co in India has launched India’s first self service petrol pump in Delhi recently ? Ans. Indiannoil
Q11. Which four Indian cos have been included in the new Harvard book “Higher ambition: ” ? Ans.  Tata Sons, Thermax , Infosys and Mahindra & Mahindra Q12. In this era what are the 2 purposes for which TELEGRAM is still being used in India ? Ans. To inform loan defaulters and absconding employees

Weekly Business Quiz #93
August 23, 2011
Q1. Name the chain of bookstores started in 1877 by T.K.Banerjee and a Frenchman Emile Moreau with their first store in Allahabad.  Ans. A.H.wheeler
Q2. Who has composed the music for the Hero motocorp heroes song ?  A R Rahman
Q3. As per the registrar of newspapers in India, how many magazines are published in India ? Ans.  73000
Q4, For providing credit insurance to which aiirline has the New India Assurance Chairman Ramadoss suspended ?  Ans. Paramount
Q5. Who will be the largest beneficiary bcoz of the Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility ? ( largest shareholder of Motorola) Ans. Carl Icahn
Q6. In which asian stock exchange will the UK club Man United do a billion $ IPO ?  Ans. Singapore
-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan
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Weekly Business Quiz # 92
August 16, 2011
Q1. Who did the publicity of all Raj Kapoor films after “Sangam” ?  Ans. Ameen Sayani, the radio broadcaster
Q2. Who said ” We cannot have live broadcast. It is too dangerous” on the decision to scrap DD3 ? Ans. PV Narasimha Rao , the PM in ’93
Q.4 Who did Rupert Murdoch refer as the “splendid pirates” of the Indian TV industry ? Ans. cable operators
Q5. What is the business of Tree House, a company currently in the news for IPO ? Ans. Pre-primary schools
Q6. P, 2P and 3 P are the three categories in which reserves of which natural resources classified ? Ans. crude oil
Q7. What is “FIAT” money ?
Ans.  Money that has value only because of govt fiat or law Q8. What unique insurance is offered by ARAG, a German insurance firm, in Britain ? Ans.  Divorce insurance
Q9. Companies like Way2SMS insert flagging ad tags at the end of messages. What is the jargon for this ? Ans.Mobitisements
Q10. Which insurance scheme launched by LIC after the 2008 financial crisis became a big hit ? Ans. Jeevan Aastha
- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan
Weekly Business Quiz # 91
August 9, 2011
Q1. Ideas worth spreading is the tagline of which internet site/movement ? Ans. TED
Q2. Along with life and libertywhat has FInland included in July 2010 as a citizens’ fundamental right ? Ans. Broadband
Q3. Why are people in US hating David Beers ?
Ans. He is the sovereign rating head of S & P who down graded US Q4. Name the two...
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