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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Brand Comparisons|
Student Number:1208923|
Name: Tuo Chen|

Academic Year 2012/13
DM5502 Branding Strategy Studies
Assignment 2
Academic Year 2012/13
DM5502 Branding Strategy Studies
Assignment 2

Part one: Bentley Motors & Rolls-Royce Motors
Both Bentley and Rolls-Royce is the best hand-made luxury car, British manufacturer and they all have the Royal Blood. The reason why I choose these brands to compare is they divided to two companies from 2003. In 1998 to 2002, these two brands are managed by both VW and BMW. From 2003, VW owned the Bentley Motors and Crewe factory, BMW owned the Rolls-Royce Motors and relocated the factory to Goodwood (Cowell, 1998). Bentley has the truly legend craftsmanship and became the Royal-official-car instead of Rolls-Royce (Cupler, 2012). Then it began to expand the producing capacity and also the models, it has new design for every models but continue hand-made. It keeps step-up in ECO area, created the mobile apps for cars and still focused on sporty-luxurious cars in the future (Volkswagen Annual Report, 2011). Rolls-Royce lost its legend craftsmanship and relocated the factory, but it hired new craftsmen to keep the quality and new design for every series. It also focused on exclusive driver training and electronic luxury cars in the future ( BMW Annual Report, 2011).

Part two: Thomas Gad 4-D model
The 4-D model is created by Thomas Gad. The 4-D means four dimensions which including Functional dimension, Social dimension, Mental dimension and Spiritual dimension. It can easily show the brand’s strengths and weakness, it’s very helpful to analyze the strategic aspects. It can be used to make unique brand corporate code or mind for company which mean’s the brand’s unique DNA. It also can be used for business innovation. The 4-D branding can build a prototype branding model, based on this model we can forecast the brand’s future development (Gad, 2000). Bentley Motors and Rolls-Royce Motors both belong...
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