Airtel Marketing Strategy

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Group-8, Sec-C

Ajit, Anuj, Prateek, Rohit, Vaibhav

AIRTEL: Evolution

Founded: 7th July 1995
First mobile phone company in the world to
outsource everything except marketing and sales
and finance
operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa
and the Channel Islands
The largest cellular service provider in India

4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL


Airtel is the fifth largest telecom operator in the world with about 230.8 million subscribers across 19 countries
 It provides mobile, fixed telephony as well as broadband and subscription television services
 Airtel won 3G licenses in 13 telecom circles of India
 Product differentiation is limited so main USP is uninterrupted services and troubleshooting support

Price in the telecomm industry are close to similar, hence main focus is on customized payment plans
 User is free to choose between plans which favor cheaper SMS‟s or calls
 Pay-per-second of usage v/s Pay-per-minute of usage is the latest attraction

4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL


 Promotions

are usually in multiple formats as discussed further in

 Main focus is connectivity, customized plans as well as dependable network

 Airtel

has separate plans for each of the regions
 Rural customers get more support and focus is on basic services  Urban customers are main targets for value added services and accordingly Airtel designs its product offerings and communication plans

4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL

 People:
 Involvement

of people with Airtel has increased with
campaigns like “har ek dost zaroori hota hai”
 Final offerings are also highly customized to friend group discounts and so on
 Pack


 Pack

design is kept red to re-inforce Airtel Brand
 Description of Plans is also evident

4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL

 Peer -to-peer:
 High

rate of communication to increase peer-to-peer
interaction and reviews especially in recent stages

 Personalization:
 Personalization

is constantly on rise especially with value-

 Participation:
 Airtel

has tried to conduct contest every now and then to
maximize customer participation but due to high brand
clutter it is difficult

Media Vehicles

Above the line Advertising
 Television
 Radio
 Print Media
 Out-of-home
 Cinema
Below the line Advertising
 Trade Scheme
 Consumer offer
 In-shop and shop-front activities
Direct Marketing
Digital Communication

Ad Agencies

Creative Agency- JWT India

Airtel ended its 15-year-long relationship with creative
agency, Rediffusion - Y&R on Aug, 2010. Rediffusion has
handled the brand since its inception in 1995
The Airtel account is worth Rs 400 crore in terms of ad
This also led to change in their logo

Madison Media handles

The media duties for Airtel for more than five years now
It also handles out-of-home and digital for the brand too

Airtel TV Commercials

TV Ad Campaigns by Airtel

“Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”

 The

commercial for Airtel aims to make the brand trendier for the youth, while attempting not to alienate its older target audience set  To position Airtel as a brand that embodies friendship, and helps all sorts of friends connect with one another

TV Advertisement analysis:
 The

commercial depicts different kinds of friends one has, and how the presence of each one is necessary in some way or the other  A jingle penned by film lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, makes use of 'Hinglish' and popular youth lingo, and has the story of different categories of friends, such as the one who wakes one up during the wee hours for help, or another who may give you company during your financial crunch days

 The jingle ends with 'Har ek...
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