Bus-101: T-Mobile Marketing Strategy Analysis

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QUeen Mary University – Business management – introduction to marketing and communications| BUS101 - Group 20|
T-Mobile Assignment|
Tanveer Ahmed Mostafa, Vithunan Nesarajan, Vidhish Shah, Arvin Rajendram, Shaheera Tengku & Aketa Oswal| 12/3/2012|

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BUS101 Introduction to Marketing and Communications group assignment 2012-2013

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3| VIDHISH SHAH (19%)| 120169713| |
4| VITHUNAN NESARAJAN (19%)| 120700099| |
5| TANVEER AHMED MOSTAFA (19%)| 110364218| |
6| AKETA OSWAL (5%)| 110316538| |

T-Mobile is one of the largest and most recognized names in the telecom industry today. Founded by John W. Stanton and established in 1990 under its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, the company initially began in Germany and over the last 20 years, has grown to cover areas in European Union, USA, UK and Puerto Rico amongst others. The reason for the company’s success and growth over this relatively short period of time hinges on its marketing methods and plans as well as its ability to read its market to satisfy customers and adapt with time. Although, it is one of the largest names in its market, this had not always been the case. Perceived as the underdog in the Telecom Industry in the early stages of its growth, the company re-shuffled all their existing plans in hopes of gaining market share rapidly. After winning the Marketing Week Engage Award in 2010, T-Mobile has worked hard to uphold its innovative branding image with the public to show their level of persistence. In January 2011 it launched the “Welcome Back” advertisement with passengers arriving at Heathrow Terminal 5 to be greeted by a large choir group singing holiday songs. In addition, T-Mobile ran a competition with the aid of popular social networking site – Facebook, along with the support of British Airways, where people could nominate friends or family they wanted to be reunited with for Christmas. Furthermore, T-Mobile purchased air tickets for a randomly selected group of people who were presented with the opportunity to meet with their family and friends. (Mortimer, 2011). Despite T-Mobile’s perseverant attitude and efforts in marketing, T-Mobile has not always been successful in their promotional advertisements. T-Mobile in 2011 had an advertising campaign where they manipulated consumers into signing up with contracts where that...
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