Supporting Change in an Origanisation.

Topics: 3GPP Long Term Evolution, 3G, GSM Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Supporting Change in an Origanisation.

The aim of this assignment is to provide information on the impact of change within my organisation. The assignment will include information on why there is a need for change, how change effects organisations, the behavioural responses to change and the support that Human Resources (HR) can provide during these changes.

3G is a communications company focused on bringing the benefits of the internet to the mobile telephone. The 3G network is built for data and future-proofed for 4G technologies. The organisation has invested billions of pounds developing and expanding the network which means 3G can connect more people to the internet in more places, whilst increasing the capacity to meet the ever-growing demand for data.

The main customers are consumer based, with over 90% of them choosing smartphones, were they are increasingly opting for all-you-can-eat data plans. These plans give the customers the freedom to get the most out of their smartphone, without fear of how much it will cost. 3G aim to be here to help customers discover all the benefits of the mobile internet. They do this by having a network designed for data, and by inspiring people to explore new things, 3G aim to take away any barriers that prevent the customers embracing it. The organisation has also worked hard to make it easier for customers to manage their accounts and their interactions with 3G, by providing unique services that are made possible by the network and the mobile internet access it provides. 3G strives to challenge and change the mobile industry for the benefit of consumers.

In line with the company plan to grow the customer base and reduce costs, the decision was made to outsource certain areas of the business abroad. There were a number of factors involved in making this decision both internal and external. One of the key factors was the financial gain in being able to substantially reduce not only operating costs but...
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