Wireless Technology Upgrade

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1.Introduction 3
2.Strategic Business Assessment 3
3.Technology 4
4.Design a Wireless System 5
5.Compatibility Plans 6
6.Planned Competitive Improvements 7
7.Other Competitive Technological Solutions 8
8.Upgrading to Next Generation 9
9.Summary and Conclusions 10
10.Work Cited 12

Since the introduction of the first mobile phone in 1924, there has been a steady climb in developing and enhancing, the mobile phone and its supporting technologies. The cellular network infrastructures as well as service providers have been hard at work; in making sure they are providing the best service as well as devices. The infrastructure alone has gone through several life cycles. Which is required in order providers to keep up with growth and technology changes. Wireless cellular providers, at one point offered services that ran off analog frequencies. Today the wireless networks are built off of an all-digital network, which is considered to be in its 3rd generation. 3rd generation technologies include GSM, GPRS, UMTS and CDMA.

In this project you will be introduced to an up and coming wireless service provider, GoFone Cellular Communications. GoFone is currently interested in making your nation our new home. GoFone has the ability to offer services that will allow its subscribers the ability to communicate faster and more efficiently. At the present the citizens within the 16 cities nation, only has one cellular provider that is offering subpar service. GoFone’s network is built off of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service, (UMTS), technology which, promises to be a better choice for the Nation.

GoFone Cellular Communications has been a wireless cellular provider of over 10 years. By staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with industry trends, GoFone has been a proven leader. GoFone’s current position in the cellular market indicates that GoFone, has loyal customers that will continue to growth with the providers efforts. The company strives to deliver top-notch service over its 3rd generation UMTS network, which is being accepted globally as an industry standard. UMTS also provides enhanced voice and data features that are not compatible with other technologies.

Strategic Business Assessment:
Currently the nation already has an established wireless cellular provider. However, the citizens are growing tired of the high charges and sub-par service they are receiving. The existing cellular infrastructure is built off TDMA technology, using the 800MHz frequency range. The company is taking advantage of its subscribers, as they are aware of the fact that they are the only providers servicing the nation. Their coverage is limited in areas due to coverage blocking. The provider does not offer away for its customers to use to both data and voice simultaneously.

In conjunction with previously said issues, the provider is charging higher than usual rates. As the nation and states continue to evolve, so are their citizens. Due to the changes and natural evolution, the citizens want more out of its service and devices. The citizens want phones that will give them the capability to browse the Internet, email, text and enhanced voice service. Essential wanting to stay connected all the time. Regardless, of the customer’s wants and possible needs, it appears the provider is not interested in upgrading its current network or product offerings.

The provider’s current network is built off the Timed Division Multiple Access (TDMA), which is considered 2nd generation cellular technology. TDMA operates at the 800MHz frequency band. TDMA takes the channel/signal and splits them into multiple timed slots; this means that data is traveling in a round-robin fashion. TDMA was designed to only handle voice services and the segmentation that is done allows for the network to remain stable, and voice quality is not affected....
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