3g Wireless Network

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Abstract: In today’s era, it is the need of hour to get ourselves acquaint with the communication technology, its tools and trends. Mobile communication is an important technology in this regard and mobile phone has become the most common tool of communication over the recent years. As several innovative improvements regarding mobile communication technologies have been made by developing various multiple-access schemes. But a big challenge is to select the right technology for the applications and systematically identify the factors that influence the overall performance. In this paper work, we have divided the work into two groups. The first group tells about the 3G and its features and the second group present the detail comparison between third and fourth generations of the mobile communication technologies in a paragraph form to have a better knowledge and understanding in the advancement of mobile communication systems. The work presented here will be helpful for designing the new techniques for the development of higher generation mobile communication systems. This work can let all those learners who are trying to enhance their curiosity in the field of mobile communication system. Introduction:

Third generation (3G) The 3G systems refer to the IMT-2000 systems which has been given a global standard of 3G by the ITU. This is an evolution/enhancement of the existing and widely deployed pre-IMT 2000 systems with much more advancement in Data services and with higher bandwidth. It has opened the way to enable innovative applications and services (e.g. Multimedia, Live-video buffering, and Location-based services, among others). The first 3G network was deployed in Japan in 2001 by DoCoMo. 3G stands for 3rd generation and are standard for mobile communication. Standards specify how the airwaves must be used for transmitting information (voice and data).

A very large consumer interest in multimedia, gaming, internet, and much more application requires high data rates in mobile communication system. This lead in bringing the higher generation mobile communication systems in which many broadband wireless applications can be supported like Video Conferencing, HDTV. High capacity and variable bit rate information transmission with high bandwidth efficiency are the key requirements that the modern transceivers have to meet in order to provide a variety of new high quality services to be delivered to the customers. 1. 3G Wireless Network

Constant innovation in technology and the increasing need to stay connected have created a world that is communicating at an extraordinarily high speed. The growing need for communication services in India can be gauged from the fact that mobile phones have penetrated even the remotest of villages where there is no road connectivity and electricity. Given this pace of growth and demand for mobile services, the launch of 3G services was long awaited in the country. Currently, 3G is being used in 132 countries in the world and 32 countries in Asia. According to the available data, 650 million people use 3G across the globe. Cost and Affordability

Affordable availability of services, low-cost handsets and good quality of services are some of the key areas that need to be looked at for 3G services. Though this late launch has deprived India of the 3G experience so far, it has, nevertheless, given operators an opportunity to capitalise on the global...
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