Abortion is bad. Essay

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Many people may wonder, abortion is not bad I mean it was your decision.We don’t see it but babys who aren’t borned yet do. It may hurt a mom but it hurts more a baby. Babys who aren’t born yet are innocent they haven’t lived a life, so why not give them a chance. We know the baby is inside a mom, so she gets to choose wether or not she wants the baby.But think about it would you want to take a unborn babys life away?

That ugly word abortion is a intentional termination to pregnancy after conception. Abortion allows women or teenagers to put an end to their pregnancies, it involves killing the embryo or fetus. A embryo and fetus Is a unborn person inside a women while shes pregnate.A way to abort is by drinking medicine or getting surgery.This is not the only way to have abortion, but you can kill the baby inside you by yourself.But its more likely that you can get maternal death.Maternal death you can get it because you can get infection, unsafe abortions,severe bleeding,and many other things. Believe it or not but their has also been a law that has been trying to get passed through. Its called “The Abortion Law”, is a law that does not let women abort their child or to hurt the baby they have inside them.Why not let a innocent baby live and at least give them to adoption.You may not want them but theirs many of other married couples who cannot have a baby and wish to have a baby to start a family.Let the baby live, you wont make him happy but another family will.Dont kill someone innocent let them live, every human being deserves to live.It wasn’t their fault, they did no bad to you.All their doing is bringing happiness to our lives.

We see teenagers pregnate, you may be like what is she going to do with her life? If you know many dad teenagers are not ready to start a family.Yes its true most guys leave the girls because a baby is too much responsibility.But a baby is made of two humans. Once a dad leaves a girl teenager with a unborn baby...
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