Pro-Life Femenisn

Topics: Pregnancy, Human rights, Law Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: January 31, 2013
The culture considered women both mentally and physical inferior to me. Women had few real rights; society regarded them as property. Men have always looked at us and made us feel less than them, but what they don’t know is that we are the strongest one, we are the ones that carry a child for 10 months, run a household and we are able to work outside the house to bring more stability and happiness to our homes. A group of feminists one day decided to get together and create a band to speak out against the injustice toward women, kids, blacks and American Indians. These women saw a world filled violence and cruelty. But and here is the big but “Abortion” one of these women referred to it as an atrocity forced upon women by a male dominated society. They also saw a very real connection between denying personhood and basic human rights to women and others and denying these same rights to unborn children. To accept abortion, they felt would be to continue the tragic and unjust cycle of violence. So I wonder if a women was or has been raped and she gets pregnant should she keep the baby, but why would she do that, yes I agree that a child is a blessing when it is wanted but how about when he is not, how about when a teenager gets pregnant shall she stop all of her dreams to become a mommy. I know what abortion does to a women and to unborn child, if a pregnancy is terminated within the 12 weeks the fetus is not fully develop, yes it is a very dramatic and traumatizing event but if you are not strong enough to believe you are doing the right thing for you and for that unborn baby I don’t see abortion as an illegal thing to do. We women have the right to decide if we are going to go thru it, it should be discuss with the father of course but if we don’t want, we don’t have to. She also talks about a lot other things like women’s right at the workplace, how allow more time after post-partum to return to work. Discrimination and harassment at the work place,...
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