Should Abortion Continue to Be Legalized

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Many people will say that abortion is a wrong choice to make, if someone is not ready for a child but yet it is a legal act. It really comes down to that persons decision on whether or not they want to bring another human being into the world. That person in particular should not be morally judged due to the decision that is made. The results of a subsequent poll appeared in the June 29, 2000, Los Angeles Times. Surprisingly, large majorities 83 percent for abortion when the health of the mother is involved or the pregnancy results from rape or incest. Interestingly, we also see a large majority 66 percent for abortion in cases of serious birth defects. A smaller majority 54 percent would even allow abortion if the "emotional health" of the mother is endangered, but a somewhat larger majority 57 percent would forbid abortion if it is simply the case that the family "cannot afford" the child. Here, clearly, many people are not thinking in terms of a general right to "abortion on demand," but only favor allowing abortion in certain circumstances and for certain reasons.

Proponents identifying themselves as "pro-choice,” contend that abortion is a right that should not be limited by governmental or religious authority, and which outweighs any right claimed for an embryo or fetus. They argue that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal abortions if there is no legal option. Opponents, identifying themselves as "pro-life," assert that personhood begins at conception, and therefore abortion is the immoral killing of an innocent human being. They say abortion inflicts suffering on the unborn child, and that it is unfair to allow abortion when couples who cannot biologically conceive are waiting to adopt. Abortion should be legalized in some cases. Though this

is a very difficult issue to decide which side you are on, I think I agree with

both sides, but only on some arguments that they make. Although I know for a

fact there are things that I...
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