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Why should abortion be outlawed?
1. An innocent life is being harmed. Whether some people think so or not inside the mother is an innocent child waiting to breathe life and each moment it continues to grow. While some mothers may be a few days, even weeks to a month pregnant they are going and asking to have an abortion while their child has already started to develop. To me and many others that is murder I don’t care how you look at it. If the parents feel they can’t raise their kid then there other options they could look into like adoption. 2. There are health risks to the mother. Getting an abortion is very dangerous to the mother it could even be life threatening like ending up death. The mother could end up getting sick from the procedure and being hospitalized. The things being used for the abortion may not be sterile causing affection. The woman could have complications from this procedure temporarily or even permanently. 3. Not only can the mother but the father of the child could suffer mentally, physically, and emotional throughout their life. Down the line they could start regretting what they did and wish they could take it back, but unfortunately that is one decision that is a permanent one and can’t be undone. They can end up getting very depressed from it and it can also hurt their relationship with friends and family members. This is something both parents have to live with for the rest of their lives and they could end up carrying guilt with them. 4. People look at doctors to save a person’s life not to harm it. By a doctor going and doing the procedure for the woman it could give them a bad reputation. Many people look up to doctors to save people’s lives an abortion is killing an innocent child that doesn’t sound like saving a person’s life but more like ending it. 5. The child can’t speak for itself. Inside that mother’s stomach is innocent child that is one day waiting to be born and enjoy its life. By having an...
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