Human Resources Management

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Course Outline
RSM 361H1S
Human Resource Management
Spring 2013
Meeting Times and Locations:
Section L0101: Tuesday 2-4pm, SS 1085 (Sidney Smith Hall)
Section L5101: Tuesday 5-7pm, WO 25 (Woodsworth College Residence)

Office Hours:
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Professor David Pizarro
By Appointment

Course Prerequisites: Rotman Commerce Students: MGT262H1/RSM260 Employment Relations and HR Management Students: WDW260H1
Course Exclusions: MGT460H1/RSM460H1
Course Scope and Mission
No organization can succeed without harnessing the talents and abilities of its employees. Companies that successfully attract, retain, and support the best employees gain a strategic advantage over their competitors through increased performance and reduced turnover costs. Decisions about when and whom to hire, how much to pay, what training to offer, and how to evaluate employees thus have important consequences for an organization’s ability to reach its objectives. As the strategic value of human capital increases, effective human resource management becomes even more vital to a company’s success. Course Objectives

1) Develop a critical understanding of different HRM practices and how they relate to an organization’s overall business strategy. For students interested in careers in HR, this course satisfies the HRM course requirement for HRPA certification. 2) Gain hands-on experience with HR activities through performance-based simulations. 3) Learn to analyze current events from the perspective of an HR professional. 4) Strengthen your research, analysis, and communication skills. Expectations for Success

1) Always finish assigned readings before each class.
2) Actively participate in class discussions, group work, and exercises. 3) Complete and submit all graded assignments before the deadline. 4) Stay engaged and informed! Think deeply about the material!

RSM361H1 –Fall, 2012 – Professor David Pizarro

Updated: December 20, 2012

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1. Required Textbook: Managing Human Resources (2011, 6th Canadian Edition), by Bellcourt, Bohlander, & Snell, and published by Nelson. This book is full of useful HRM information and will serve as a valuable reference volume on the topic. Evaluation and Grades

Grades are a measure of the performance of a student in individual courses. Each student shall be judged on the basis of how well he or she has command of the course materials. Course Requirement


Due Dates

News Briefings


Weekly (Starting Jan.15)

HR Experiences



Participation and Social Learning



Midterm Exam


Feb. 19

Group Project: HRM Profile


March 5- April 2

Research Requirement Credit


April. 2

Final Examination


Scheduled by the Faculty of A&S

News Briefings (5%)
HRM professionals must continually be aware of current trends and events that affect the workforce. Every week, students must find a news article that relates to the topic being discussed in class that week. Students will prepare and submit a half-page summary of the article, detailing the event and how it relates to the course material. Beginning the second class, five students will be selected randomly each week to briefly discuss their chosen event. News briefings must be posted to Blackboard prior to class each week, or they will not be graded. No briefings are due on Feb.19th, during the Midterm.

HR Experiences (5%)
Throughout the semester, students will be asked to write about their own personal experiences related to a week’s topic. For example, during the week on Employee Selection, you can discuss an experience you had during a job interview or performing a standardized test. Each entry should focus on an experience you had with an organization’s HR practice (e.g., an employer, the University, etc.). After describing the experience, briefly comment on...
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