Human Resources Management

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Chapter 1
“Human Resource Management in Organizations”
1. Discuss several areas in which HR can affect organizational culture positively or negatively. 2. Give some examples of ethical issues that you have experienced in jobs, and explain how HR did or did not help resolve them. 3. Why is it important for HR management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic contributor? 4. Assume you are an HR director with a staff of seven people. A departmental objective is for all staff members to become professionally certified within a year. Using Internet resources of HR associations such as and, develop a table that identifies four to six certifications that could be obtained by your staff members, and show the important details for each certification.

1. Human Resources has a profound effect on an organization. The HR department is responsible in several ways including but not limited to administrative, organizational and strategic. This can affect the organization in a positive or a negative way which can include payroll, how the building is set up, the hiring process and disciplinary actions concerning employees. HR must be empathetic to the employee but at the same time set forth rules and guidelines and make sure everyone is following the policies and procedures put in place. 2. While working at a local hospital a friend of mine looked at another employee’s medical record. HR had to make the choice on what disciplinary action to take on the employee who looked up the record. Ultimately the employee was fired for misuse of power and violating the privacy act. 3. It is important for HR Management to become more a more strategic contributor because it gives a sense that they are willing to help all employees. It can give an assurance that may have not been there before. This makes HR less of a pressure point and more of a team player and this can boost morale for the company. 4. PHR- Professional in Human Resources focuses on program implementation, has tactical/logistical orientation, is accountable to another HR professional within the organization, typically has two to four years of professional work experience in all HR disciplines, but whose experience lacks the breadth and depth of a more senior-level HR practitioner, has not yet had progressive and increasingly complicated HR work experience, has responsibilities that focus on the HR department rather than on the whole organization SPHR- Senior Professional in Human Resources designs and plans, rather than implements, HR policy focuses on the “big picture”, has ultimate accountability in the HR department, typically has six to eight years of progressive and increasingly complicated HR experience, has breadth and depth of knowledge in all HR disciplines, uses judgment gained with time and knowledge application, understands the business beyond the HR function and influences the overall organization GPHR- Global Professional in Human Resources certification is designed for the HR professional who  has HR responsibilities that cross national borders, understands the strategies of globalization versus localization of HR policies and programs, establishes HR policies and initiatives that support the organization’s global growth and employer reputation, designs organizational programs, processes and tools to achieve worldwide business goals, develops, implements, and evaluates programs, processes and tools, ensures that programs, processes, and tools align with competitive practice, the organization’s objectives, and legal requirements, oversees practices that balance employer needs with employee rights and needs, has core knowledge of the organization’s international HR activities

Chapter 2
“Strategic HR Management and Planning”
1. Discuss how technology has changed jobs in an organization where you have worked. What are some HR responses to those changes? 2. What steps can...
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