Impact of Social Networking on Youth

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According to Geisler 1967, Human resource planning is a process of forecasting, developing and controlling human resources in an enterprise. This process helps the enterprise to ensure that it has right number of people and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time performing tasks for which they are most effective.

Thus Planning Human Resource is a critical aspect within overall organisational framework. Time has brought a great extent of change in policies, theories, techniques, HR equipment and in planning and practices, if Human Resources to achieve enterprise goals through establishing wide range of successful management and designing efficient HR strategy.

So these are the key factors as to why Human Resource planning is significant in the organisation. An HR manager is the one who maintains tasks of the recruitment, training, motivating, quality of the human asset, creating a good atmosphere in the organization. An HR manager is not just an employee, he is the man who stands out as the ultimate source of supplying the organization with human resource, the most resource it needs. In this way Human Resource Department is being opened in the organization and to maintain that department human resource planning is important!

"A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy plays a vital role in the achievement of an organisation's overall strategic objectives." The strategic HR planning process has four steps:
* Assessing the current HR capacity
* Forecasting HR requirements
* Gap analysis
* Developing HR strategies to support organizational strategies

Purpose of Human Resource Planning (HRP):

Human resource (HR) planning is perhaps the most vital business practice in an organization or business. The set of processes and initiatives pertaining to recruiting, selecting and hiring of new candidates, managing of employees, analyzing current and future workforce requirements and training the workforce and new inductees are all integral to the human resource planning process. Strategic and focused HR planning helps organizations to handle long-term human resource needs, address organizational goals and achieve business-defined goals.

The process of human resource planning is the foundation of an effective workforce. A dedicated workforce is responsible for an organization's success and growth. So, read on to know a few tips on grooming a bankable human resource.

Potential Benefits of Human Resource Planning (HRP):

1) Upper Management has a better view of the HR dimensions of business decision. 2) Personnel costs may be less because the management can anticipates imbalances before they become unmanageable and expensive. 3) More time is provided to locate talent

4) Better opportunities exist to include women and minority groups in future growth plans. 5) Better planning of assignments to develop managers can be done. 6) Major and successful demands on local labour markets can be made. 7) Surplus or deficiency of employees’ strength is due t absence of planning.

Importance of Human Resource Planning (HRP):

Planning is very important to our everyday activities. Several definitions have been given by different writers what planning is all about and its importance to achieving our objectives. It is amazing that this important part of HR is mostly ignored in HR in most organizations because those at the top do not know the value of HR planning. Organizations that do not plan for the future have less opportunity to survive the competition ahead. This article will discuss the importance of HR planning; the six steps of HR planning that is : Forecasting; inventory, audit, HR Resource Plan; Auctioning of Plan; Monitoring and Control. Human Resource Planning is important for any organization in the...
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