Human Resources Management

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There exist major differences between the Brunei HRM compared to HRM in the western world. In the western world, the governments are mainly democratic. The business or the private sector is not in any way under the direction of the government or an individual. However, the Brunei government is a monarchy where the Sultan is the absolute decision maker both for the private and public sector. Given the differences in the political system, these changes are bound to affect the practices that HRM adapts in either country (Pieper, 1990).

However, the differences are not just political; there exist major cultural differences between the western countries and that of Brunei. As previously established, the culture in a country manifests itself in the HR practices. Although the Brunei system is open to some extent, it cannot compare to the level of openness that is practiced in the western world. The Brunei system is one where superiors are held in awe, and their word is final. However, the HRM practice in the west is such that there is a lot of decentralization of power to individuals and to institutions. There are no powerful superiors, and thus the supervisor is almost the equal to the employee. The hiring and firing are also very controlled since employees have unions which are very powerful.

In the public sector, the Brunei HRM policies are guided by the circulars from the Sultan. However, western governments' public bodies have pre-designed HRM policies. The policies are either set by the board, or the HR manager in consultation with the CEO. Each public body is established through legislation. In the West, the government or the head of state cannot direct a public body on how to recruit or fire unless the legislative arm of government makes such a law (Pichault and Schoenaers, 2003).

Another area of divergence is on the level of adoption of technology. Western HR practices have fully adopted technology in their operations. While Brunei HRM struggles to...
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