How To Be a Human Service Assistant

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Researching Careers

We all have heard of the saying, “What do you want to be come when you grow up?” Well, for me it’s easy I want to do something that helps people. Perhaps an accountant, lawyer, or the President. Those are the things that I used to say when I was a young child with no regards to the big and nasty world we call “home”. Yet, one thing stuck with me and it was becoming a person who helps others in their time of need no matter what, I would also like to be rich as well, after all, money does help. In this research paper I will talk about my interest in becoming an Accountant, Human Service Assistant, or a Barber. Being an Accountant is a perfect job for me because it involves a high level of social contacts and I will be responsible for helping others. I will be communicating with people through email, telephone and face to face discussions; believe it or not I’m a social person I thrive in communicating with others. In my opinion there is no difficult part about this job. The average annual wage is $60,000 a year, and hourly you’ll paid $29.04. and a 5.8% job growth rate in 2018 which is fantastic because that’s five years after I graduate from high school and later go on to college and finish the whole school thingy or in my limited slang shebang. To become an accountant yes you do need a bachelors and that’s typically 3-4 years. You might also need to get CPA. This job is appealing to me because I Like math plus working with numbers.

Human Service Assistant doesn’t jump out at you because you don’t yell out “I want to be a Human Service Assistant” when you’re in the third grade. In becoming a Human Service Assistant you must have somewhat of an education beyond high school and work experience. You’ll be making $29.050 yearly and get paid about $14.19 hourly. There is a 5.8% job growth rate in 2018. You must communicate with your supervisors. That for me is a little difficult because those are the people that can get...
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