Job Negotiation

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Job Negotiation Analysis

Research on The Job

The job that I am looking for is full-time accountant and many companies have openings for staff accountant. Though I have Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and will gain Graduate Diploma, my shortage is that it is my first time to find full-time job and I have little work experience. So I set my career level as entry level and find relative jobs that only need less than 2-year work experience or that have no requirement on years of work experience. Under this situation, I can highlight my unique education, skills and intern-experience.

According to my research on, there are now 162 jobs matched my requirement in the latest 15days. The industries that need accountants range from education to Energy and Utilities, from Insurance to Transport and Storage. Based on the result, we can see that accountants are greatly needed in the market. About the job, different companies have different specific requirements but generally speaking, responsibilities are almost the same, such as reconciliation of accounting subjects, preparing periodic reports and supporting accounting and financial analysis. All jobs require at least Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. The majority companies give a range on salary and the overall salary range for the job is between 30,000-77,000 annually, depending on education background and experience. Except basic salary, some companies also have profit share projects. Benefit packages also vary from companies and companies. Ideal one covers health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, housing allowance, transportation allowance and etc. For instance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, a Fortune 100 company, provides a comprehensive benefits plan.

Based on historical statistics, first-year accountants earned a median salary of 43,660, according to Salary Wizard. The middle 50 percent of entry-level accountants earned between 39,737 and 48,257. The bottom 10 percent earned below 36,166, while the top 10 percent earned above 52,442. Accountants who have received a master’s degree in accounting are offered 49,786 as a first-year offer. Other issues such as location of the job, scale of the company also decide the salary. For example, the salary of Associate Accountants in Liberty Mutual Insurance is between 42,400 and 58,300.Other than competitive pay, the company also provides comprehensive benefits packages and outstanding advancement opportunities. Furthermore, the job location is Boston. This job is an ideal option for me. But at the same time, I also realize that I have to face reality. The economy in US is not prosperous and some companies just hire US citizens. Thus, during the negotiation, I will make some concession and try to build relationship with employers.


1.Issues that are most important to me
(1). Salary.
Salary is of the most importance for me. I want salary above the average level and if recruiters can raise my salary, I can make concession on other issues. (2). Annual bonus.
For new employees who work less than one year, most companies will just provide half annual bonus, based on the performance. For me, the biggest difference is whether I can or cannot have annual bonus. I do not care the actual percentage of annual bonus, because after one-year work, I can renegotiate about this issue. (3). Benefits packages (insurance, housing allowance and etc.) Different companies have different regulation on benefit packages, but most companies will cover at least several issues, such as health insurance, retirement plans. Thus, this issue may be not significant for recruiters because the majority companies have regulation on benefits packages and the plans must cover several issues I raise. (4). Vacation time

For a new employee, I do not care much about vacation time. In other aspect, paid-off...
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