Human Service Professional

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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A Human Service Professional is..
NaToshia Hall

A human service professional, plays a major role in society, working side-by-side with various professionals, and assumes a wide range of roles to assist individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Although human service professionals do not necessarily do in depth and psychotherapy, they are well-equipped to facilitate client change and growth typically by working directly or indirectly with clients around concrete tasks, objectives, and goals. A counselor, broker, advocate, case manager, community planner and behavior specialists are just few of the roles of a human service professional. (Lincoln University)

Personal values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes can help the helping process when the client and the human service professional share the same idea or belief. The human service professional may be able to add to what the client feels or knows or enlighten the client in a positive way because of their personal knowledge or experience. On the other hand it could harm the helping process if beliefs are different. In this case study if the human service professional has any negative feelings about homosexuality, then Todd and Reggie may not receive the full help they are in search of. Although the focus is on getting themselves together, they came in as a couple with some relationship issues that they need to work on.

If I were the human service professional on this case, I would be a little uncomfortable with the whole situation. Not only are they homosexual men but this is an interracial relationship. I personally do not fully agree with black and whites dating, although I am not racist. I also know that morally it is wrong to be in a same sex relationship but I do have a few acquaintances that are homosexual. After the initial negative thoughts have run through my mind I will be able to push that aside and get down to business. Honestly my biggest worry would be how they are...