Intro to Human Services

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  • Published : December 24, 2010
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Describe human services from the early 1900s to the present day.

Throughout History Human Services made a big impact and a difference in our society as we know it today. Through the sociological era in the 1900's many were faced with challenges such as financial support for the poor and no support or guidance for the children, developmentally disabled and the mentally ill. Human Services make positive and lasting differences in peoples' lives, and they help improve the world. The early 1900's, sometimes called the sociological era, continued the period of social reform. During this time there were two significant events that affected the history of helping and human services. The first was the development of a new profession known as social workers. During this time social diagnosis and casework evolved. The development of social work profession was significant and represented the beginning of human services. Clifford Beers, a victim of mental illness was confined for three years in public and private mental institutions. Beers wrote about his treatment in A Mind That Found Itself (1945). In 1908, Beers founded the Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene. This was considered to be the beginning to the mental health movement in America. In 1909 Beers proposed a national society, the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. By the end of World War II the profession of clinical psychology was created. This was due to the number of Veterans in the hospital for psychiatric evaluations reached more than 40,000. The great depression was marked by vast unemployment, failing business ventures and the collapse of banks. During this time President D. Roosevelt introduced New Deal legislation that changed the federal government's role in providing human services. President D. Roosevelt focused on two goals, one to provide short term aid to those who were unemployed and focus on the enactment of Social Security Act of 1935.

During the 1900's it was the...
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