Cms 11-Midterm Study Guide

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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CMS 11-Midterm review

Needs fulfilled
Physical - We need to communicate to survive. People who communicate get sick less often and for less time. Practical - Communication is important in our everyday lives, from letting the hairstyilist know what you want or the doctor where it hurts. Social - Communication helps define who we are and to have successful relationships around us. Identity - By communication we learn who we are. Our sense of identity comes from the way we interact with other people. Physical and mental health and communication - Communications aid people overcome traumatic episodes on life. Sick people get well sooner when exposed to communication. Transactional nature of communication - Communication is an exchange, never a one way road. Channel - Where the message is sent. Examples could be newspaper, email, internet, radio, tv, etc. Feedback - Reaction to a message, it could be verbal or non-verbal. Noise - anything that interferes with the transmission and reception of the message. External - factors outside the receiver that make it hard for you to pay attention to another person. Physiological - biological factors, hearing loss, illness and so on. Psychological - cognitive factors that makes communication less effective. Environment - Refers to physical location and experiences that affect the way you listen and talk to other people. Qualitative interpersonal relationship

Uniqueness - Unique Vocabulary between really close relationship. Irreplaceability - It can’t be replace by another person.
Interdependence - When happy we’re happy and the other way around. Disclosure - Secrets that you share.
Intrinsic Rewards - Sharing time with them is enough reward, there is no gain. besides the feeling of being together. Content vs. Relational - Content is what you say, the literal (dictionary) definition. Relational is the way is said. Misconceptions

More communication is always better.
Being a good communicator can’t be learned....
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