Role of Media in Changing Our Culture and Society

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Culture Impact of Media

There is an old saying”Man is a social animal”, which means beyond other requirements such as food and shelter, man has another fundamental need and that is, need of communication with each other. The urge of communication is a basic one and in our contemporary civilization, it has become a necessity for survival.

In order to facilitate communication, man has established several means which have developed from time to time such as sending messages, letters, telephone and telegraph and these all assist in providing connection between people even with those who are at far distant places.

In the present era, the means of communication have evolved into a very advance phase and are now collectively called “Mass Media”.

So How Do We Define Media?

Media is actually an art of transmitting information, ideas and attitudes from one point or person to another. When an individual communicates to the other, this may be through use of gestures like passing on smiles when happy or in a good mood, frowns when showing a displeased expression, or selection of our words or tone while speaking depending on the feelings within us. In either case we want to select the most effective ways to communicate exactly what we intend.

However, communication among a large number of people or society is not as simple as with individuals, but it’s far too complex. Information or news that is important to a mass of people may not be passed on to them from individual to individual. This must reach many people at the same time and also effectively. Such as the forecast of a storm to warn one whole city to take immediate measures cannot be passed on individual to individual since time factor is important. This may be done through newspapers or television or both. Or if some product is to be advertised, it has to be conveyed collectively to a mass that again may be done through radio, television or newspapers. These technological means of communicating...
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