Bus 610 Behavioral Structure in Health Care

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Organizational culture Pages: 7 (2567 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Behavioral Structure In Health Care

Ashford University
Organization Behavior
BUS 610 (NAB1242A)
PJ Pardo, Ph.D.
November 26, 2012

Behavioral Structure In Health Care.
Communication is a basic need for survival that units all humans. It is also one of the most complex skills that a human can develop. Mastering all elements of communication is rare but real significant accomplishment one can have. Effective communication determines success of the organization, since great leadership can set the foundation for organization’s collective behavior, common goals values and vision that are expressed and received in numerous different ways in various levels of employment. Communication is an art itself. Communication art can be expressed how we put our feelings onto paper, how we listen, how we address others, how we make them feel with our body language. Kevin Hogan Internet marketer mentions on his article Mastering The Art Of Communication that Communication is your door to financial wealth, loving relationships, and all that is enjoyable in life. Communication is the most talked about and least understood area of human behavior. We use it all the time in daily interaction, social activities and anything that involves the purpose of human contacts. However, there are situations were humans become more sensitive and venerable therefore; communication and behavior needs to be adjusted accordingly. One of the settings where this would apply is in the healthcare field. Patients and their families might be highly emotional and at times inadequate while communicating and healthcare professionals need to be aware of these situations. The foundation of any organization is collective behavior, common goals values and vision by large number of people that develop into corporate culture. Every institution has defined strategies, organizational behavior, management approaches, and organizational communication. All these develop and sculpt organizational culture and values. There could be several sets of behavior patters, but in most cases, one is always dominant, and others are sub-cultures. Organizational cultures are created, sustained, or renovated by members. An organization's culture is, in part, also shaped and supported by the organization's leadership. When joining any organization or team new members are introduced the model of organizational culture and standards. Each organization has its own style, its formal and its informal rules, regulations, and its anticipations about members' behavior. Organizational culture has three fundamental layers of organizational culture. 1. Observable Artifacts.

2. Espoused Values.
3. Enacted values.
Observable Artifacts Is a most visible level. Artifacts consist of the physical manifestation of an organization’s culture. This level includes abbreviations, manner of dress, awards, myths and organization in Media, published lists of values, observable rituals and ceremonies. This level also includes visible behaviors exhibited by people and groups.(Kreitner 2010) Further I want to describe and apply these functions to New York Presbyterian Medical Center. My current employment organization demonstrates academy culture. In this kind of culture, employees are highly skilled, and the organization provides an environment for the development, and honing of employee skills. Hospitals goals are to Center’s vision is to be a national leader in providing each of their patients with the safest, most compassionate, and highest quality of care. To support this, NYP has developed quality and safety policies, procedures, and best practices, many of which are adopted from the National Patient Safety Goals. Enacted values and norms exhibited by employees (Baak, 2012). They represent the values that employees ascribe to an organization based on their observations of what occur on a daily basis. NYP’s slogan is "We Put Patients First". The strength of New York-Presbyterian Hospital lies in...
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